Parent Support

Law Enforcement’s Top 2 Parent Tips

1. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – Report ANY suspicious/threatening behaviors or activities

  • CPD non-emergency (317) 571-2580
  • 911 for emergency
  • School related concerns
         Contact school administration
           Anonymous Alert in myCCS
2. TALK WITH YOUR CHILD – have age-appropriate discussions about emergency response options
  • Stranger Danger - hiding, running, barricading, defending
  • Reunification Plan for sudden evacuation
         Where will your child go?
         How will your child contact you?

Warning Signs

Counselors don’t just change schedules—they Change Lives

  • Performs much worse in school
  • Loses interest in things usually enjoyed
  • Has unexplained changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Avoids friends and family; wants to be alone all of the time
  • Daydreams too much and can’t get things done
  • Feels life is too hard to handle or talks about suicide
  • Hears voices that can’t be explained
  • Frequently exhibits anger, sadness, anxiety, or fearfulness
  • Displays continued grief long after a loss or death
  • Constantly concerned about physical problems or appearance

If your child exhibits some of these warning signs:

  • Contact your child’s physician
  • Contact your child’s School Counselor, School Service Coordinator, or School Social Worker