Our School Programs

We offer a wide variety of school programs to engage, challenge, and reward students beyond the classroom.  Some of our programs include:


  • Good Morning Forest Dale
  • 4th/5th Choir:  Fourth and Fifth Grade Choirs are extracurricular ensembles that are open to all interested students.  Students will learn proper singing techniques, musicianship and appreciation for choral music.  They also learn how fun it is to sing with a group!  Both choirs perform at Forest Dale and in the community.
  • 5th grade musical
  • Field day
  • Food Drive
  • Math Bowl:  January kicks off the M.A.T.H. bowl season.  Fourth and fifth grade students who demonstrate superior math skills are selected to represent Forest Dale.  The competition requires groups of three students to solve seven complex math problems in each of the four rounds.  Team alternates are substituted in and out allowing every student to participate.  Each year almost 6,000 Hoosier students participate in M.A.T.H. Bowl!
  • Math Pentathlon:  The Math Pentathlon Program is an after school program that lasts for 6 weeks.  The kids are divided into three groups, depending on their grade.   Each group learns five different games, each of which highlights a different math skills.  The kids love the competition and the fun!  They are certainly developing math skills as they play, but they don't see it as work.  The program typically runs from mid-February until Spring Break.  After Spring Break, we encourage the kids to compete in the Math Pentathlon Tournament.
  • PTO Movie Nights
  • Recycle Club:  Every staff member has a blue recycle bin in which they place discarded papers, and other recyclables.  My class once a week goes to each classroom and collects the bins and places the recyclables in the Abititi container outside.  Each month the company sends the school a check for a minimum amount of money to be used as the school develops needs.
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • SAC:  Student Advisory Committee (SAC) helps plan and sponsor school “spirit” and “service” activities. It also contributes greatly to the school morale and local charity/service organizations. The committee consists of 4 elected representatives from each 4th and 5th grade class.  The SAC meets once a month after school (2:45-3:30) to plan and discuss upcoming events. Other SAC member responsibilities may include hosting Forest Dale visitors, assisting Mrs. Pitman and Mrs. Deitsch when needed, helping out at school spirit days and fund raisers, and assisting PTO when needed.
  • Spell Bowl:  All fourth and fifth grade students are encouraged to try-out for Spell Bowl.  Students study and memorize the 600 word list; many spend time studying over the summer.  Try-outs take place in the early fall where the top spellers are chosen to represent Forest Dale at the November competition.  In each of the eight rounds, students individually spell seven words.  Hundreds of schools from around the state participate in this annual event sponsored by Purdue University.
  • Leadership Student of the Month
  • Toy Drive
  • WFDE:  Twenty-eight fifth graders are chosen each year as members of the WFDE news crew, broadcasting the school news daily over closed-circuit television on our live morning news school, “Good Morning, Forest Dale!”  Crew members attend a summer workshop and rotate every two weeks during the school year.  Anchors write the script each day during school based on news submissions made through a web form on our school home page.  Located behind the media center work room, the studio includes a teleprompter, two high-end studio cameras, PC’s and editing equipment, an audio mixer, and a video mixer complete with a chroma-key or “green screen” function that allows for digital backgrounds and special effects.  News highlights include school news, birthdays, jokes, weather, lunch, and special spotlights from our staff and student organizations.  WFDE was funded through a grant from the Forest Dale PTO.
  • Young Artists Awards