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2017-2018 Volunteer Job Descriptions

ART ROOM VOLUNTEERS (During school; Recurring)
Emily Brown - emilygbrown14@gmail.com 
Volunteers hang student artwork and help Mrs. Zadny, our Art Teacher, with special projects.

BACK TO SCHOOL ICE CREAM SOCIAL (Evening; One time per year)
Sara Penquite - curllq@hotmail.com
Ice cream social held for families at the beginning of school. Volunteers are needed with set-up, distribution, working tables, and clean-up.

BOOKFAIR (During school and evening hours available; One week per school year)
Becky Kucharski - mikeandbecky@mac.com
Lisa Barberio - lisabarberio@yahoo.com
Jenny Redmon - jsredmon@hotmail.com
Committee Chair will schedule with Scholastic Book Fair to host sales in fall and/or spring. Chair will also contact and schedule volunteers to staff shifts during fair as well as oversee Book Fair set-up and take-down with the help of additional volunteers.

BOX TOPS (On own time)
Rachel Cera - rachelcera@gmail.com Brandy Forgey - indyblonde79@yahoo.com
Committee Chair coordinates redemption of Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s soup labels. Volunteers are needed to count, trim, and package labels. Great home volunteer option.

CLUBS (School clubs & PTO Fun Clubs) - (After School)
Jennifer Cassidy -  jcass5050@sbcglobal.net 
Kelly Lefever - klefever22@gmail.com
Committee Chairs recruit teachers to offer clubs, organize schedule, sign up participants and collect fees. Additional volunteers help with attendance before PTO fun clubs begin and checkout at the end.

DINE OUT NIGHTS (Evening hours)
Brigitte Bourque - brigittebourque1@gmail.com
Schedules fundraising dine out nights with local resturants and distributes flyers for students to take home to advertise events.


Michelle Shockley - mshockley1101@sbcglobal.net  

Organizes student clothing swap with Carmel Elementary

FALCON FATHERS (Opportunities Vary)

Chris Bleckley - chris.bleckley@yahoo.com

This committees purpose is to promote the involvement of dads at school.

FALCON FEST (Opportunities Vary)
Overall Chair:
Beth Russo - aloha9800@yahoo.com
FF Concessions
Beth Russo - aloha9800@yahoo.com
FF Games Coordinator:
Chris Aiken - daiken2005@gmail.com
Amy Getchell -  agetchell@sbcglobal.net

Emily Gosser -  emilygosser@gmail.com

FF Volunteer Coordinators:
Shannon Franklin- swiley1@indy.rr.com
Jenny Wiley -  jennywiley@me.com

FF Raffle Coordinator:
Jennifer Cole- jennandlilly@yahoo.com
Paige McGinley - paigemcginley@hotmail.com

Ticket Sales Coordinator

Holly Coleman - hollykcoleman8@gmail.com

This event is our annual school carnival! It is a fun night that promotes school spirit, family fun, and requires many volunteers. Help is needed with set up/clean up, games, concessions, baking, ticket sales, and crowd control.

FALL FUNDRAISER (Opportunities vary)
Pam Fallowfield (501-9828) pamfallowfield@yahoo.com Monica Craig - monicacraig1@gmail.com
Our fall fundraiser is a donation only campaign, as well as a Fall Fun "d" Run. Volunteers are needed in the area of publicity to put together materials that educate parents and children about Forest Dale PTO. There are also opportunities to assist with behind the scenes administrative duties.


Emily Gosser - emilygosser@gmail.com

Jaime McCord - jmemccord@yahoo.com

Organizes 5th Grade Follies Act, 5th Grade Bulletin Board, and end of the year 5th Grade Party

FORMSTACK (as needed)
Julie Cahill - juliecahill79@gmail.com
Using the Formstack application to create online forms for committees. 

MULCH SALE (During and after school; one time only)
Rebecca Horrocks  bechorrocks@gmail.com
Debbie Neumann  debneu@sbcglobal.net
Committee Chair coordinates publicity and sales of products. 

FOLLIES (After school and evening hours; January and February only)
Maria Logan  mlogan6@indy.rr.com  Mel Kleinert, mkleinert@somersetcpas.com
The Follies is a family talent show. Any child and his/her family can participate. Song, dance, comedy or drama; there is room for everyone! Even the school faculty shows their spirit in the Follies! Volunteers help with concessions, rehearsals, and production.

HOSPITALITY (Opportunities vary)
Jessica Bricking jbricking@yahoo.com
Maria Halloran -   mhallo27@gmail.com
Committee provides food and hosts various school functions, teacher luncheons, classroom parties and PTO meetings. Great volunteer position for busy parents!

LUNCHROOM VOLUNTEERS (During school; Recurring)
Joy Boake - jedutcher@hotmail.com

Volunteers assist lunchroom staff during the first weeks of school in maintaining a pleasant environment during lunch...opening milks, retrieving napkins, etc. for the younger students.

MEDIA CENTER (During school; Recurring)
Jen Derksen - jendersen@hotmail.com
Join a wonderful team of volunteers who assist the Media Specialist in numerous ways, checking in and shelving books as well as other special projects. Committee Chair coordinates monthly volunteer schedule. Flexible scheduling is available!! This is a great way to meet many Forest Dale students and staff.

MATH PENTATHLON (after school and evenings)
Bryn Masiuk - 31giftsarfun@gmail.com
Organizes and runs Math Pentathlon club. Responsible for recruiting volunteers, registering students, collecting fees, and running club activities.

NEWSLETTER (On own time)
Holly Coleman - fdeptonewsletter@gmail.com ; hollykcoleman8@gmail.com
Help create and distribute the Forest Dale PTO monthly newsletter. Wonderful opportunity as it can be done from home on your own time.

Amy Ashley -   amyashley75@gmail.com
This is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in volunteering, but cannot commit regularly. Submit your name and email to the committee chair and when volunteer opportunities arise during the school year, the chair will send out an email with details. (Ex: helping with front office, nurse’s office, vision screening, first day of school) 

ROOM PARENTS/ CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERS (Opportunities vary per teachers needs) Classroom volunteers assist teacher with centers, make copies, help during parties, and chaperone on field trips. Sign- ups are on Parent Orientation Night in your child’s classroom.

ROOM PARENT COORDINATOR (Opportunities vary)
Shannon Pongratz - shannonpongratz@yahoo.com       Jaime McCord - jmemccord@yahoo.com
Room Parent Coordinator recruits Room Parents for each classroom and one to serve as overall Grade Coordinator, organizes and runs the party planning meetings. Room parents (one needed per classroom) help plan/host class parties, help coordinate volunteers for Falcon Fest, and assist the teacher with coordinating classroom help as needed. 

SPECIAL EVENT (Opportunities vary)
Jenna Rouse (506-2858) jennarouse@hotmail.com
The Special Events committee runs several events for our PTO, including Mornings with Mom and our Ice Skating Party. Volunteers are needed for each event in varying roles.

Kris Swanson  kris@swansonofiice.com Sue Sutton - sdsutton@sigmaxi.net

Committee Chair will help plan and organize an educational science night for parents and students.   A science background is beneficial but not necessary.

SILENT AUCTION (Opportunities vary)
Celeste Murnan - celestemurnan@yahoo.com
Jenny Miller - jlstottlemyer@hotmail.com 

Andrea Flannery - andreaflannery6@gmail.com

(Silent Auction Art - Emily Brown - emilygbrown14@gmail.com )

This is an offsite, adult-only event. Anyone interested in volunteering with this event, please contact Celeste, Jenny or Andrea.

SPIRITWEAR (Opportunities vary)
Laura Ridderman  laura.ridderman@gmail.com  
Committee Chair works with the vendor on product selection, selling, and distribution of Forest Dale Elementary spirit wear. Volunteers can assist in selling shirts at our major events in the fall & spring.

TRACK & FIELD DAY (During school; one day only)
Michelle Shockley mshockley1101@sbcglobal.com  angeegrogan@hotmail.com
Margot Clark  margotclark@gmail.com
Volunteers are needed to help with timing, score keeping, and running games, etc. Spend a day outdoors with the kids. Committee chair organizes volunteers and works with PE Teacher on schedule for the day.

Barb Menapace - barbindy@yahoo.com 

Committee chair works to supply information through Facebook and Twitter, on an as-needed basis. 

Criminal History Check and Anti-bullying Video Required to Volunteer at School

All volunteers must have a criminal history background check done prior to volunteering at school.  Please log into myCCS and follow the steps to fill out the information requested so that a criminal background check can be performed.  Your child's school administration will be contacted when the criminal background report is complete.  If you have multiple children who attend multiple schools in Carmel, you only need one criminal background report.  Background checks are good for five school years and there is a $17.95 fee.

Also, there is a requirement to view the Bullying Prevention Training that is required by Indiana Law* if you want to volunteer in the schools.  You will only need to view the training video one time.   After viewing the presentation, type your full name in the box that says “Electronic Signature” to indicate that you have viewed the video and understand its contents. The record will be logged in our School Office Pro database where school secretaries can verify participation.  The video can be accessed via the MyCCS link below.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Carmel Clay Schools.

MyCCS: https://forms.ccs.k12.in.us/SurveyFiller/FormFiller.aspx?sid=mPhmQ72Yd0ym-52pPUTvYQ

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