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Online: January 12, 2018


Classroom Grant (for grants directly benefiting students)

Funding Limits per Grant: 

Individual  teacher – up to $700

Groups of teachers (grade level or subject and 3 or more teachers) – up to $1500 per

School - up to $2000 per school

CEF Grant Committee will not be funding flexible seating or I Pads this cycle. 
Only one grant submission per teacher will be accepted; however, the teacher may be a participant of another grant.


Application available Online: January 12, 2018

                                     Deadline: February 12, 2018


Application online:  CEF Website

Questions: Email the CEF Foundation

Share ideas and information with CEF Grant Recipients in your







Videos of Some Former CEF Grant Recipients

Click on the links below to see a brief student-made video on past education grant recipients:

2012-2017 CEF Grant Winners


Schools Grant Recipients Grants
CHS Jennifer Bulp 2012 CHS ArtGarden
Brenda Lester 2012 No Chef Left Behind
Jill Grimes 2012 Student Response System
Jim Peterson 2013 Professional playwriting
  instruction ; Monologue Training 2016 Spring 
Philip Helman 2013 NCTE Annual Convention
Keith Turner 2013 software update for Planetarium / 2015
  Super Volcanoes 
Kane, Pinkerton, Grimes 
Matt Wernke 2014 Battery Life Tester 
Soo Han 2014 sponsoring Lynn Harrell
  with CHS Symphony 
Hite, Ohly-Davis 
Heather Bouillet 2015 ShredHounds
Dawn Laumeyer 2015 Math Dept Calculators 
Daniel Marble  2015 Chemistry  Young, Wei 
Lila Torp  2015 Design Tools 
2016 Jennifer Marlow Anatomy in Clay Learning
Gillim, Mastin 
Dom David  Hands on Robotics and Computer
Kane, Winans 
Kellie Freeman  Creating Community Connections Smoot 
Mary Lynne Halfman Hoosier Writng Project 
Laura King  Bringing language to Life Becker, Carter, 
Kelly Douglas  Creating the CLC Brand  Travison
Daniel Marble  Human Neuroprosthetics
2017 Nancy Spencer  Cunllinay & Pastry Arts  Brown, Torp, Lester, Bowman 
  Jillian Von DercheSchmidt  NCTE Conference 
  Jen Bupb  NAEA Confernce  Anna Kramer 
  Cristen Cassler  Learner Cernter Classroom  Elizabeth Kahl 
  Sarah Haines  Water Theme Sensory Room  Kara Rebholz
  Mike Pote  Professional Musicians Side by
Kyle Young, Andrew Cook, Chris
  Paige Wehr I Can See Clearly Now  Wendy Bass 
  Kelly Douglas  To Graduation and Beyond 
  Will Ellery Swiveling Through the
Carmel Middle  Sarah Mindham 2014 iPad for Teacher
Laurie McFall  2015 Stability Balls 
Rebecca Owens 2014 Senaory Room Equipment 
Kristen Taylor  2015 Full Steam Ahead  Belbutoski, Houlihan, Huhta,
Matt Moeller  2015 Go Pro
Carli Worthman  2015 MakerSpace  Leffler, Peterson 
2016 Danielle Nichols Resource Classroom Ipad 
Rebecca Owens Mindlessness with a Purpose 
Nathan Lorey  Communications, Presentation,
  and Promunciation Training 
Peggy Lehman Worshop Economics 
2017 Rebecca McElhannon  Midwest Clinic Convention  Drabyn
Steff McCourt Internship at Center for
  Teaching and Learning Atwell 
Kristen Taylor  ISTE Conference 
Clay Middle Allison Martin 2014 iPad for Language Arts
Moffett, Giles 
Evan Williams  Go Pro 
Susan Fulp 2014 Video Mondeling: 2014 IPads for Science Teacher 
Andy Simon 2014 IPads for Science
Gretchen Smiley 2014 IPads for Science
Amy Collins  iPads resource teachers 2015  Erin Boyce 
Jackie Dorman 2015 iPad  
Sara Hodson 2015 iPad/ 2015 Expansion
Leyla Niese 2015 iPad
Todd Crosby  2015 Sensory Room  Smith, Kestler, Niese, Ferettie,
  Jones; Piper
Abigail Ferrettie  2015 Vocational Activities
McGill, Anderson Peck 
Stephanie Swartzendruber 2015 3-D Printer 
2016 Erin Mayer  Math U See Materials  Gill, Walstrom
Erin Naas Why Try Reilience Breakthrough
Grogg, Potter, Bellamy, Janson 
Liz Wegner  Lucy Calkins Coaching Writing
Steffy McCourt  Road to Reading 
2017 Chris
Ping Pong Wellness Club  Carter
Steffy McCourt  A Long Walk to Justice
Anastasia Gamino  Non Fiction Accessible Text Giles, Moffett
Elizabeth Herman  Math Facts  Mary Waistrom, Michele
Liz Wegner  RoadTrip Nation  Evan Snyder, Michelle
  Stacy Arnold  You can do the Cube  Rachel Harter, Gretchen Smiley,
  Ryan Snyder, Travis Ramsey, Amy Collins
  Evan Snyder  Elite Gaming Live 
Creekside Middle  James Hambley 2014 NASA Rocket Project Hast, Bannon 
Deb Bergman 2013 African Drums Music  Johnson 
Pam Irwin 2012 NASA Program 
2016 Laura Johnson  Creekside Café 
Rachel Sever  Makerspace; 3D printer 
Becki Sendi Orchestra Accompanment 
2017 Angela Miller  Sensory Room  Johnson, Thomas, Drahman,
  Jennifer Carson  Thinking on Your Feet 
  Angela Miller  Button Factory 
  Vanessa Cruz Martinez Language Learning Tourist 
  Jenny Tucker  Exceptional Children Exceptional
Rachelle Rodriguez 2012 Art Easels for Kindergarten 
Alecia Larkin 2012 Boardmaker Studio
  additions; 2015 EET  
McElweee, Bowling, Keen,
  Nickless, Biltimier, Selm, Harrell
Abigail Ferrettie 2013 Bal-A-Vis-X Kit for special needs motor skills  Hastings, Biltimier 
Anne Arroyo  2014 Summer Reading Program 
Rebecca Nickless 2015 Math-u-see  Biltimier, Harrell
Sara Fernkas  2015 Makerspace  Trammell, Hall
2016 Tricia Wiegand  Standing Work Stations 
2017 Amy Adams  Supplemental Seating for Student
Kristen Selm, Renee White,
  Victoria Hreno 
  Amanda Chalas  Steam Makerspace 
  Kathryn Reel  Flexible Friends and Focus
  Tracy Hastings  Get A Grip 
Cherry Tree  Sarah Hassler 2014 iPads for Art and Music Teachers Ristow
Elizabeth Oskay  2012 Resource 
2016 Heidi Brinkman Using Robotics 
  Adrienne Chyba  Flexible Seating 
  Jennifer Hagen  Classroom Library 
  Jeffrey Kirch CSI Crime Scene
  Chris Atkinson  ISTE Conference
2017 Heidi Brinkman Focus While You Work school 
  Heidi Brinkman The Sticky Library 
College Wood 
Christine Chadd 2013 Staff walkie talkies  Adzema, Eubank, Rohrer 
2017 Rachael Matchett Sensory Room Update  Gina Barbarto, Megan Apolzan,
  Erica Williams
  Alison Robinson  Plots to Plate Field Trip  Sara Hill, Tami Steele, Chirstie
  Lemon, Sarah Weaver 
Forest Dale  Courtney Garrison 2013 Social skill and regulation
Schoff, Garrison 
Megan Schoff 2013 Social skill and regulation
  interventions; iPads 
Tenbrook, Silvius 
Anne Arroyo  2014 Summer Reading Program 
Jill Knowles  2015 EET Sipres, Garrison, Wren 
Elizabeth Lyons  2015 Books and Bags  Boling, Gebhart, Morrison,
  Payne, Alwine, Silvius, Daggett, Knox
2016 Alison Wren  Resource iPad  Henderson 
Elizabeth Snell  Building Great Leaders  Knowles, Rider, Hoover, Wren,
Jennifer Tracey  Technology in the Classroom I
Grimes, Hart
2017 Natalie Deitsch Flexible Seating Library  Chen , school 
  Meredith Wood  Playing is Learning  Lisa Baker, Elizabeth Brown,
  Beth Larson, Richard Liou 
  Lisa Baker  Fluoresce Lights Covers 
Mohawk Trails Jordan Cole  2014 Pedometers for School Lukes 
Laurie Hayes 2014 Step into Books/ 2015
  Writing Click legos 
Panschar, Rumschiag, Traupman;
  Campbell, Rumschlag
Lisa Sullivan 2014 iPad for Music Teacher  Barajas 
2016 Sara Agee Sensory Success  Yoder, Russ, Hastings, Fagan,
2017 Beth Anderson  Wiggle Whle Yo work  school 
  Jamie Henderson  SEL Library  Elizabeth Anderson, Lindsey
Orchard Park Jennifer Penix 2014 Classroons and Staff Walkie
Kristine Amick 2014 Headsets with Microphones
Casey Wright 2014 ePortfolio 
Landon Buesching 2014 PE equipment for School
Beth Larson  2014 Therapy Balls  Moyer
Anne Arroyo  2014 Summer Reading Program 
Roxanne Roseman  2015 (4) Orton Gillingham Training  Schulenborg, Owens, Fisher, Biek
  Young, Conley 
Beth Larson  2015 Craft Supplies 
Kellie Flager  2015 Makerspace 
  Becky Kolacki  Alternative Seats  Adams, Larson 
Jennafer Adams  Math U See 
2016 Elizabeth Quakenbush  QuakenBOOKS a Student Run
  Jennafer Adams  2015, 2016 Math U See; EET  Russ; Davis, Johnson 
  Dave Wasemann Literacy Scaffolding 
2017 Kelly Sharkey Structured Work Systems  Bateson 
  Kellie Flager  Concious Discipline  Laura Hunter 
  Elizabeth Quakenbush  QuakenBOOKS a Student Run
  Tao Swetzer  Social Emotional Learning
  Through Mindfulness 
Dani Lafferman 
Prairie Trace Sarah Awe 2014 Yearbook for School           IXL web-based program to enrich;
  Boogie Boards 
Leanne Matthews 2013 IXL_web-based program to
  enrich ; 2015 Boogie Boards 
Elizabeth Peasley 2013 IXL_web-based program to
Holly Vantreese 2014 Webcams; 2015 Orton
Lauren Burke 2014 Webcams; 2015 Orthon
Doran, Hehner, Dragash, 
Cheryl Beard 2014 Expression Tool ; Sensory
DiMaggio, Etchison, Herring 
Jennifer Marshall 2014 Orton Gillingham Math
Jill Smith / Shipp  2013 After School remedial
  program ISTEP/ 2015 Boogie Boards
Christine Crippin  2015 iPad
Amanda Dillon  2015 Orton Gillingham Training Rebecca Kieffer 
Jessica Niccum 2015 iPad 
2016 Christina Herring  Nearpod Doran, Szymanski 
  Sarah Awe Mathalicious
  Lyle Gernert Nearpod Smith, Whisler, Knuttel, Awe
  Sandi Johnson  National Rocket Competition Matthews
  Jennifer Marshall  Alternative Seating  Beard, Gordon, Crippin,
2017 Courtney Davis  Osmo  Harding, Peasley, Rohr,
  Holly VanTreese Differential Math  Alexander, Davisson Dillon 
  Jen Marshall ISTE: Epicienter of Edtech Laura Alexander, Holly
Denise Dragash  Stem Stories Students  Stephanie Swartzendruber, Liz
Lyle Gernert Nearpod Interactive presentations  Rachel Knuttel, Carly Glickman,
  Sarah Awe, Stew Smith, Amber
Jen Marshall Early Childhoon Fundamental
  Skill Intervention 
Holly Vantreese
Jill Schipp  Keyboarding without tears 
Smoky Row  Ross Miller 2014 MindWare Keva Planks Johnson, Matters, Dillon 
Kristen Cannady 2013 Boogie Boards  Bardley, Dillon, Trenshaw 
Tamera Dillon 2014 MindWare Keva Planks       2013 Boogie Board 
Amy Satkoski  2015 Radios
2016 Elizabeth Elliott Standing Desk  Satkoski, Barrett 
Dawn Matters Building 21st Skills Makerspace Gerth, Bradley, Plumb,
Tammara Dillon  Flexible Seating  Trenshaw, Bardley, David
2017 Stacey Summers  Seating to Optimize Student
Schell, Selvio, Grzeskowiak
  Kristen Cannady Two Techie Teachers take
Catherine Staples 
  Amy Satkoski  Google Expedition Taking us
Towne Meadow  Lynne Payne 2014 Stability Balls Moser, Higgins, McDonald,
Kyle Schulenborg 2014 iPad for teacher /2015 I Tech 
2016 Heather Banks  Lucy Calkins Coaching Writing
Catherine Staples  Two Techie-Teachers Take Denver 
Josie McKay  STEM Enrichment Kits 
2017 Josie McKay  Teaching Literacy Through
  Different Perspectives
Catherine Staples  Google Greatness Certified  Kristen Cannady, Cristen
  Cassler, Lisa Carroll, Scott Chelli, Jeff Chou, Courtney Davis, Lizzie
  Herman, Ellie Hutchins, Lesley Kariuk 
Chris Lanham  Makerspace linda Bladwin, Kristen Edwards,
  Jamie Deeter, Catherine Staples 
Anne Fellegy  Alternative Seating For Teachers
Linda Smith, Tina Galle, Lindsey
West Clay Amy Bannister 2014 5 th grade Lemonade Day
Gilmore, Patino, McCreary, King,
Elizabeth Howard 2014 Study Impressionist Period  Edwards
Suzie Butz Getting to the Core 
2017 Amy Bannister  Print making Gelli  11 Schools 
Woodbrook Michelle Hastings 2013 Bal-A-Vis-X Kit for special needs motor skills  Ferrettie
Courtney Baidinger 2014 Social Thinking
  Curriculum    2013 PE equipment for
  Lifeskills and FIATS 
Mindy Bowman 2014 Social Thinking Curriculum  Wischmeyer 
Trisha Riggs 2014 PE equipment for Lifeskills
  and 2013 FIATS
Jamie Marciano  2015 iPad
Marla Wald 2015 iPad
Lori Mitchell  Raz Kids Digital Books  Allyson McClatchy 
2016 Lauren Dunlop  Lucy Calkins Coaching Writing
  Michelle Hastings  Lifeskills Sensory Zone  McCatchy, Baidinger 
  Jay Vahle  Profound Impact of Lincoln  Awe 
2017 Laura Muse  Flexible Seating 
  Margaret Loeffler  Flexible and Focused 
ESC Anne Arroyo 2014 Oarchard Park, Forest Dale,
  Carmel Elementary Summer Reading Program; 
  Mobile Makerspace 
Darla Aston  2014 ATIA International
  Conference ; 2015 Raz-Kids Digilal Books

2018 Spring Great Teachers. Great Ideas.

2018 Budget Templates

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