Spring 2016 CEF Grants
Great Teachers. Great Ideas.

March 7 through April 13

New This Year—2 Different Applications:

(1)      Classroom Grant (for grants directly benefiting students)

(2)      Professional Development Grant (for grants indirectly benefiting students through an educator’s professional development)

Funding Limits per Grant:

Individual teacher – up to $700

Groups of teachers (grade level or subject) – up to $1500 per group

School – up to $2000 per school

Across the district K-12 – up to $3500


Application available online: March 7 through April 13

Estimated decision: May 12

School board recognition: May 23

Application online: CEF Website

Questions: email the CEF Foundation

Share ideas and information with CEF Grant Recipients in your building!

2014 CEF Spring Grants


Anne Arroyo -   Supervisor of Instruction - Summer Reading Success!

                              Megan Klinginsmith, Principal, Carmel Elementary
                             Sara Inskeep, Assistant Principal, Carmel Elementary
                             Deanna Pitman, Principal, Forest Dale
                             Natalie Deitsch, Assistant Principal, Forest Dale
                             Rhonda Turner, Principal, Orchard Park
                             Kate Fagan, Assistant Principal, Orchard Park
                             Laura Hunter, Title 1 Teacher, Orchard Park
                             Roxanne Roseman, Title 1 Teacher, Orchard Park


1.     Jordan Cole  & Ann Lukes, school nurse, Mohawk Trails -Pedometers                                     
2.      Landon Buesching - Orchard Park – Physical Education Equipment

 Group of Teachers:

1.     Woodbrook - Social Thinking Curriculum
Mindy Bowman     
Courtney Baidinger
Lee Ann Wischmeyer

2.     Creekside Middle School – NASA Designed Paper Rocket Project
James Hambley 
Stacey Hast         

Jon Bannon    

3.     West Clay Elementary – Study of the Impressionist Period, art, poetry and a novel
Elizabeth Howard  
Claire Edwards    

 4.     Orchard Park Elementary - Therapy Balls
Beth Larson
Rene Moyer    

5.     Clay Middle School – iPads for Language Arts
Allison Martin     
Eli Moffett               
Liana Giles  

6.     Smoky Row Elementary – MindWare Keva Planks
Ross Miller               
Aleks Johnson
Tammy Dillon           
Dawn Matters  

7.     Prairie Trace Elementary - Webcams
Holly VanTreese        
Lauren Doran             
Lauren Burk 
Liz Hehner      
Denise Dragash   

8.     Carmel High School – Battery Life Tester
Matthew Wernke      
George Giltner    

Individual Teacher:

1.     Rebeca Owens -   Carmel Middle – Sensory Room Equipment

2.       Kyle Schulenborg  -   Smoky Row Elementary – iPad



2013 Fall Grant Winners!


College Wood Elementary – Chris Chad, Kathy Olssen, Principal, Chris Atkinson, Mary Adzema, Morris Eubank and Kristi Rohrer
Grant provides 20 radio units to be used by administrators, counselors, team leaders, IAs, Custodians and Special Education Teachers.

Prairie Trace Elementary – Jill Smith, Principal
Gant to provide after school tutoring.

Group of Teachers:

Carmel Elementary, – Michelle Hastings & Woodbrook and Mohawk Trails Abigail Ferrettie, Principal, Megan Klinginsmith
Grant to provide a Bal-A-Vis-X training kit to help special need children achieve their maximum level of independence in area of fine motor skills.

Creekside Middle School:  Deb Bergman & Nicole Johnson, Principal, Tom Harmas
Grant to provide African drums for the General Music and Choral Music

Forest Dale Elementary – Megan Schoff, Courtney Garrison & Debbie Freburg, Principal, Deanna Pittman
Grant to provide the multidisciplinary team, materials to strengthen social skills, regulation intervention and support for special needs children.

Prairie Trace Elementary – LeAnne Matthews, Sarah Awe & Beth Peasley, Principal, Jill Smith
Grant to provide the purchase of a IXL web-based program to remediate and enrich students in  the 2/3 and 4/5 challenge program.

Smoky Row – Kristen Cannady, Moira Bradley, Tamera Dillon & Cecilia Trenshaw, Principal, Kim Barrett
Grant will provide Boogie Boards to use to reteach and enrich both literacy and math concepts.

West Clay Elementary – The Dr.Barbara Underwood  Grant in honor of retired superintendent  Dr. Barbara Underwood - Suzie Butz & Ryan King, Principal, Jennifer Szuhaj
Grant will provide the program, Getting to the Core which is a set of lessons centered around the Core Texts for the 4/5 Challenge students.

Woodbrook Elementary – Trisha Riggs &Courtney Baidinger, Principal, Kelly Davis
Grant will provide kitchen and craft tools for the FIATS and Lifeskills classrooms.

Individual Teacher:

Carmel High School – Jim Peterson, Principal, John Williams
Grant will provide professional playwriting instruction to the Play Production class that will create and present an anti-bulling play to the CCS middle schools.

Carmel High School – Phillip Helman, Principal John Williams
Grant will provide partial payment to attend the NCTE Annual Convention.


The Ingersoll Rand company provides money each year to CEF to provide a grant for a CCS school or staff to support technology.

Carmel High School – Keith Turner & Mitch Kane, Principal, John Williams
Grant will provide multi-screen software to control three screens of different video content projected on the planetarium dome and a computer to control the system.

Videos of Some Former CEF Grant Recipients

Click on the links below to see a brief student-made video on past education grant recipients:

Want More Information?

Please contact Stephanie McDonald at 844-9961 x 2680  or for more information.