Fourth Grade Links

This page has many helpful resources for fourth grade students and their parents.  The fourth grade teachers constantly search for great websites to share with you, so please check back often.  If you have suggestions for sites to add, please email your teacher.


In an effort to be "green", we will not be printing paper copies of the Family Letters since they are accesible online.

Everyday Math This site has everything you need for Math.  Interactice Student Reference Book, Study Links, Family Letters, Fact Challenges, games, and more!  Ask your math teacher for your login information. 

Rocket Math is just like Otter Creek that we use in the classroom.

Rocket Math Practice Helpful information and resources to practice

Math Live A fun way to learn and practice Math skills.

Click here for Math Playground. Multiple Step Math practice (like on ISTEP)!


Book Recommendations

Word Study

Here is a list of spelling words for the year.

Spelling City This is a fun website to practice spelling words.  You have to use "Batch Entry" to enter 20 words.


Big Huge Thesaurus

Click here to go to a website that is literally a big huge thesaurus.  This will help you when you want to find smarty pants words for your writing!  Besides, it's just plain fun!

Comprehension Strategies

This chart explains the comprehension strategies taught in Reading Workshop.

Book Adventure This is a website where students can take quizzes and earn prizes for reading books.  It's a great way to improve reading comprehension.  Students can also get recommendations for new books to read.

Readquarium Website for fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary games for reading.

Jump Start Another fun website to practice reading skills.

Interactive Language Arts Games and quizzes to practice skills for ISTEP review.

Genre Study

These presentations will help you learn more about literary genres.

Writing Practice

Here are websites where you can practice your writing skills.

Capitalization and Punctuation

Run On Sentences

Printing Press