Author Visits

Peter Lourie Visits Mohawk Trails

On October 23, 2013, Adventure Writer, Peter Lourie, captivated MTE students with stories of his travels all over the world.  He is the author of many nonfiction books for children, including The Polar Bear Scientists, The Manatee Scientists, Lost Treasure of the Inca, and First Dive to Shark Dive.  In addition to 3 presentations for students in all grade levels, Mr. Lourie also had lunch with 10 fifth grade students.  Thanks to our wonderful PTO for making this author visit possible for our students! 

April Pulley Sayre Visits Mohawk Trails!

On April 23, 2013, award-winning author April Pulley Sayre visited MTE and spoke to students in all grade levels. She has written 60 books about a wide range of nonfiction topics and students were fascinated by her stories of traveling around the world to learn about all kinds of animals and habitats. She encouraged students to write about whatever interests them, to create lists of “delicious” words, to add specific details to their writing, to revise, revise, revise, and to keep trying.

As a participant in “Authors for Earth Day”, Mrs. Sayre gave MTE students the opportunity to vote for a nonprofit conservation organization to receive a $600 donation. Starting in January, MTE fifth graders selected one of five organizations to research. A complete list of the organizations may be found here. They wrote persuasive essays based on their research and some students took the opportunity to present their work on our morning broadcast. After watching the presentations on the broadcast, all students in grades K-5 voted for their favorite organization. And the winner was… The Rain Forest Conservation Fund! Thanks to Mrs. Sayre for her generous gift and for making it possible for our students to engage in a project that will truly make a difference. And thank you to the MTE PTO for making it all possible by sponsoring her visit!

Nick Bruel Visits Mohawk Trails!

A huge THANK YOU to our PTO for sponsoring a visit from the author and illustrator of the Bad Kitty books: Nick Bruel.  Mr. Bruel spoke to all grade levels in four presentations and even had lunch in Mrs. Higgins' classroom!  In his presentations, he read some of his books and created stories on the spot by asking students questions.  He pointed out that all you need to do to start writing stories is to start asking questions!  He also gave us a sneak peek at two upcoming chapter books: Bad Kitty School Daze and Bad Kitty Meets the Author.  He gave students plenty of time to ask lots of questions.

For fifth graders, he conducted a cartooning symposium and guided students through the process of creating their own cartoons.  Mr. Bruel said that writing stories is a great example of how something can be hard work and fun at the same time.

Thanks very much to the PTO for making this visit possible.