My Favorite Book of the Year

This program replaces the Birthday Book program.

Students in grades 3 - 5 are invited to write a paragraph in a Google Form about their "Favorite Book of the Year".  The goal of the paragraph is to convince other students to read that book.

Paragraphs are printed on labels and placed inside the front cover of the book.  In January, these books are placed on a special shelf in the MTE library.  A silver star at the top of the spine of these books helps students identify them on shelves throughout the library in the future.

During the spring semester, students in grades K-2 will complete sentence prompts with pencil and paper to explain why they chose a book as a favorite.  Their words are typed onto a label and placed inside the front cover.  A silver star is placed on the spine of each special book. 

All students, in grades K-5, participate in this authentic writing project and enjoy seeing their names and words inside their special books.