For Parents and Guardians

Thank you for encouraging your child to do a science project or create an invention for the MTE Invention and Science Night!  By participating, students benefit in a variety of ways:

  • The Scientific Method teaches your child how to use a logical process to solve problems and answer questions.
  • Your child will gain a greater understanding of a particular area of science.  This is a wonderful opportunity to pursue his or her own interests.
  • Students gain confidence as they share what they learned and are recognized for their hard work.
  • Students learn to follow through on a commitment. 

Some reminders:

  • Encourage originality.  Use the links on this page to spark ideas.
  • It is better to do a good job on a little question, than a poor job on a big question.  Please help your child formulate questions and design experiments that are age-appropriate.
  • Students must do all of the work themselves.  Sometimes struggling is part of the process.  They will learn from the experience of meeting and overcoming challenges.
  • If the outcome is not as expected, it does not mean the experiment is a failure.  Science is full of surprises! 
  • Please support your child's efforts by helping him or her find information and acquire materials necessary for the experiment.
  • Help your child manage his or her time to avoid a last-minute scramble.
  • Have your child take the necessary safety precautions and do not allow him or her to do anything dangerous.
  • Contact Mrs. Rumschlag if you have any questions or concerns.