Mobi View Activities

Activities to do with your Mobi View


Click the blue links to access age-appropriate activities to try with your Mobi View.  

To find additional activities, try a Google search for your topic and the word whiteboard.  Send an e-mail to if you would like help finding an activity for a specific topic.  Please share any new activities you find so that they may be added to this list.



Crickweb Early Years:  Page includes activities about colors, numbers, and beginning sounds.

Crickweb Key Stage 1 Literacy: Includes activities to identify animals, fruit, vegetables, farm, and transportation.  Also includes a CVC word builder and alphabetical order activity.

Crickweb Key Stage 1 Science: Match baby animals with adults and label the parts of a plant.

Snap: Various activities to match letters or words.


Crickweb Key Stage 2 Literacy: Identify parts of speech, sequence a story or process, create compound words, and drag and drop words into alphabetical order.  This page also includes hangman and memory matching games.

Literactive - Ending Sounds - Click the letter that ends the word.  Mute sound for a whole group activity.

Literactive - Rhyming Words - Click the picture of the word that rhymes with the spoken word.

HWB - Wordmaker - Click letters to create CVC words. 

HWB - Choose from interactive resources to support literacy, science, math, and more.

Scholastic Whiteboard Activities - Click the tabs for Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math, or Learning Games.

StoryIT - Word Games: Scroll down to select a short vowel sound for a Word Magnet drag-and-drop or try one of the other word games.  Suitable for kindergarten and first grade.


Crickweb Key Stage 2 Geometry: Sort various geometric shapes and create your own on a pinboard.

Crickweb Key Stage 2 Multiplication: Click and drag the correct answers to the times tables.

CyberKidz Math: Click the Math link on the left side of the screen and select age 6, 7, or 8 to find  engaging games to review addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.

Illuminations - Geometric Solids: Use your stylus to turn 3D shapes around, zoom in and out, color one or more faces, unfold them into 2D shapes, and fold them back again.  Magical!


Crickweb Key Stage 2 Science: This page includes a nice interactive to explain how the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun.  Also includes an activity to sort plants and animals.

Sheppard Software Food Chain Game: Click and drag plants and animals to create food chains of increasing complexity.

Sheppard Softward Animal Life Cycles: Select a butterfly, bird, or frog.  Click and drag the stages into the correct order.

Sheppard Software Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers: Decide whether each plant, fungus, oanimal is a producer, consumer, or decomposer.

Social Studies

CyberKidz Geography:

  • Click Geography on the left side of the screen and select age 9 for a game to identify the US states. 
  • Click Geography and select age 11 for a challenging game to identify state capitals.

Illuminations - State Data Map:  Click Data Sets and see how states compare with regard to a variety of criteria, such as population, electoral votes, representatives in Congress, and more.