Science Project Display Board

Scroll down to see a sample display board.

Your completed display board should include these components:

1. Title

  • Be creative!  

2. Question

3. Hypothesis

  • What was your prediction about your experiment?
  • Be sure to write your hypothesis as an "If... then..." statement.

4. Procedure

  • Write it as if someone else will be following your directions to repeat this experiment.
  • You may include a list of Materials as well, if you have room on your board.

5. Results

  • Include your observations.
  • Include any data you gathered from your experiment.  Organize data into graphs and tables.

6. Conclusion

  • What did you learn?
  • Was your hypothesis correct?

Sample Display Board

This is an example of a completed display board.  At Art and Science Night, you will also have your Research Notebook and Written Report in front of  the board.  You may also want to include some of the items you used in your experiment, to add interest.

Where can you purchase a display board?

Three-sided cardboard display boards may be found in many office supply stores, as well as craft and hobby stores in Carmel.