Why: This is one of two events planned each school year to raise funds for the current school year’s PTO budget, which provides educational resources, training and equipment to our school, staff and students. Every MTE family is a member of the PTO, no dues, no registration, and best of all, no door-to-door selling to raise funds; however, we need every student’s involvement to reach the 2013/2014 goal of $18,500. Together we can reach this goal if every student collects at least $40 in pledges. In addition to the fundraising award levels listed above, ALL students will have the opportunity to receive a prize day of Turtle Trot by logging physical activity hours April 16-24, 2014. Activity logs will be sent home on Monday, April 14.

How: Making a donation is easy! Using the pledge sheet provided with this letter, donations are accepted as cash, check (payable to Mohawk Trails PTO) or by credit card via our secure PayPal link by clicking HERE and click on the "Pay Now" button.
Be sure to note all donations on the pledge sheet (click link below for a copy) and return with all cash and checks via back pack mail no later than Friday, April 18.

March 24–April 17: Ask family and friends to support you by making a tax-free donation
April 16-April 24: Physical activity log entries
April 18: Deadline to turn in all donations to be eligible for prizes
April 24: Winners announced
April 25: Turtle Trot!!
*Turtle Super Star prizes will be sent home approximately two weeks after the event.
If you have any questions regarding Turtle Trot, please contact Becky Crumley at 







You are a Member!

EVERY parent and EVERY staff member at MTE are members of our PTO!  No fees are charged!



2013-14 PTO Officers


President - Tracy Bembenek
Vice Presidents - Becky Crumley and Aria Cheney
Treasurer - Kris Paison
Assistant Treasurer - Dawn Auch
Secretary - Marcy Kaopuiki
Communications Official - Kerrie Cossell and Bonnie McClellan
Member-at-Large - Barb Woods
Past President - Paula Shaner
We are looking forward to working together
with YOU for a successful school year!
Please feel free to contact us at:



«««« Click on the PROFIT SHARING link on the left for details on how to save $$$ on products with boxtops on them, how to shop at your favorite stores (Target, Old Navy, Dick's, and many more!!) through and raise money for MTE, and how to register your Target REDcard to earn donations from Target for MTE, as well as information on Market Day and Marsh Fresh Idea Cards!








-Reminder from the Office...if your child is sick or will be arriving late, please call the Absence Line before 8:30 am at: 571-4073


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