Congratulations!  As a Mohawk Trails family you are automatically a member of PTO.  No joining, no fees, just a commitment to continue to make Mohawk Trails a great school and a commitment to have FUN!!

There are many great reasons to be part of the PTO staff! but here is our TOP TEN list...

10. MTE PTO sponsors countless activities at the school - Beach Party, Walk/Bike to School Day, Family Movie Night and more!

9. We work closely with our Media Specialist, Hella Rumschlag, to provide new media materials for our library every year.

8. We work closely with our Physical Education Instructor, Mr. Cole, to buy physical education equipment for both PE classes and recess.

7. We provide funds that are used in coordination with Mrs. Storer and teacher representatives to develop the curriculum across grade levels.

6. We provide funds to every teacher individually to support each classroom's specific needs.

5. We help sponsor Author Visits that benefit every student in our school.

4. MTE Carnival - it's a great tradition!  It's only successful with your help!

3. We're here to help!  Look around this website to keep current on all of the activities coming up at our school.

2. We work with parents, students, and administrators to help keep Mohawk Trails a TOP-RATED elementary school.

And the number one reason to join PTO...(drum roll please!)

1. All of this...and it's FREE!

Did you know the PTO...

  • assists in purchasing equipment such as laptop carts, media materials, and physical education equipment?
  • provides teachers with additional supplies to further your child's education?
  • sponsors extracurricular activities and events that make Mohawk Trails a fun and exciting place to learn, including the 100 Book Club, Everybody Counts and classroom parties?

 Contact for more information! 

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Parent involvement makes the students experience more positive & creates a better learning environment. 

Contact the PTO to see how you can get involved. There are so many different needs andcommitment levels.  Maybe you just want to “dip your toe in” before jumping in? Great! Let us help find what works for You…just email us!