Positive Behavior

Our school wide positive behavior initiative implements a clip chart and positive reinforcements given throughout our school year.  All members of the Mohawk Trails staff can award any student at any time in any place with a "Clip Up Ticket".  These tickets are awarded when our staff observes a student making a positive choice and act.  Once the student returns to their classroom, they can move their clip up the chart.


This is our Toby Ticket.  This is currency used as part of our positive behavior program.  Students earn, save, and spend these Toby Tickets on special privileges available at our school.  Each time a student reaches the top of the Clip Chart ( You Rock!), they earn a Toby Ticket.

"Brag Tags" are awarded to our students once they have reached the top of the clip chart three times.  The charms are awarded for every third time our students continue to reach the top of the clip chart.  These "brag tag" necklaces are a great way to show off our students' success!  This example shows this student has made it to the top of the clip chart 15 times!!

Turtle Track Menu

Level 1 ( 5 tickets )

Bring stuffed animal or small toy

Compliment card sent home

Slipper day

Show and tell

Level 2 ( 10 tickets )

Lunch with a friend on stage

Extra computer/ learning station

Picture with a friend on Channel 88

Level 3 ( 15 tickets )

Pajama Day

Special story time with an adult

Read aloud to a kindergarten class

Art assistant with Mr. Barajas

Music assistant with Mrs. Sullivan

Library assistant with Mrs. Rumschlag

Level 4 ( 20 tickets )

Special morning job

Wii time during recess

Lunch with Mrs. Storer

Lunch with Mrs. Cummins

Lunch with Mrs. Nutter

Lunch with Specials Teacher

Lunch with your classroom teacher

Paint a canvas tile

on the "Student Wall of Fame"