Cub Wars

Field Day is considered a day for students to learn through play. OPE’s Field Day motto is simple: Get Out & Play! The goal of Field Day is for all students to participate in team-oriented, physically-active games. Most of the games in OPE’s Field Day are considered large-group activities.

OPE’s Field Day will be known as Cub Wars. The idea behind Cub Wars came from Raquette Lake Camps, located in the Adirondack Mountains. For years Raquette Lake has been putting on a 5 day “Olympic style” event which includes traditional games/activities. However, it also includes non-physical activities.

OPE will try to replicate this same type of year-end event. OPE’s Field Day will involve splitting the entire school into two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team. The emphasis behind Cub Wars is to promote team unity, cooperation and physical activity. By splitting the entire school (K – 5) into two teams, rather than by grade level, there is a greater sense of unity amongst all students. This promotes social behavior. 

Cub Wars will be a weeklong event ending on Field Day (May 28, 2014). Cub Wars will include academic aspects and promote positive school wide conduct (following ROAR). A few examples in which classroom academics will be involved include class spelling bees, math competitions, 5th grade presentations of research papers, turning in homework, 2nd grade memorization of lines for their play and 4th grade wax museum reports.   A few examples in which ROAR will be involved include silent lunch, hall way behavior, safe playground conduct and daily clean desk. 

General Tommy Maurer, General Caroline Roop, General Maggie Wimmer and General Anthony DeForrest who will lead the teams!
Surprise visitors on the roof celebrate the start of Cub Wars!