The Orchard Park Elementary Library Media Center serves students and staff with a collection of  over 30,000 books, magazines, audio books, and equipment. 

We are a school of readers; , our circulation totals more than 42,000 checkouts!  All students come to the media center at least once each week with their classes, but we also have a policy of open access which enables students to visit the media center any time during the school day.  Many students come down to research specific topics or to check out books for book reports or author studies.   Students in grades 3-5 use the Self Checkout Station at their convenience.

The media center includes an instructional area with chairs and tables for whole class instruction, a projection system to share information through the computer, a storytelling area, and various table groupings for small group work.   A variety of books of interest are displayed throughout the library.  Seasonal and holiday books can be found on display.  A computer lab with 30 desktop computers is in the media center for students to use throughout the day.  There is also a computer lab connected to the library with 30 more desktop computers.

Whole class instruction in the media center is aligned with the curriculum for each grade level.  In addition, we offer a variety of programs to support the media center's goals.  The media center hosts the Fall Scholastic Book Fair, the QSP magazine program and the OPE Used Book Sale.    Also, Young Author Books are used to create short plays by the Carmel High School drama class students. The plays are presented to our students in May.  Every year the media center hosts an author visit.  All students are invited to participate in the Young Hoosier Book Award program.