How long can books be checked out?

Books and other materials are usually checked out for one week and are returned on the student's media day.  Overdue notices are sent via email to the parents on a weekly basis. 

How many books may a student check out each week?

Usually there is not a limit on the number of books students may check out each week.  Some restrictions may apply at certain times of the year and to some grade levels.

How often do the children come to the Media Center?

Students visit the media center at least once per week to select books for pleasure reading, personal information, and/or assignments.  They also may come down in small groups as needed to check out more books.  Additional visits to the media center are planned and collaborated with classroom teachers to design curriculum-based units.

Why is the OPE Media Center the "hub" of the school?

The Orchard Park Elementary Media Center is a vital component of the school.  It is the "hub" of learning with many different resources being an integral part of the curriculum.