Mileage Claim Form

Use this form to report business mileage on your personal vehicle. (When prompted select save.)

Employee Time Sheet

Staff paid by the hour may use this form to record their time each pay period. When complete, print it, sign it, and send it to your supervisor for approval.

Incident Report
Standard School Incident Report – to report injuries or accidents involving students

Address and/or Name Change Form
Should your address, phone number, or name change, please complete the Address and/or Name Change form.  If your county of residence has changed, please also complete a State WH-4 form.

Direct Deposit Form
Use this form to change the bank or bank account where your pay is deposited.  You may also use it to change the distribution between multiple accounts.  When dividing your pay over multiple accounts, you must use dollar amounts, not percentages.

Accounts Payable Voucher (Reimbursement Voucher)
Use this form to request reimbursement for miscellaneous purchases.

Teacher Transfer Form
Complete this form if you would like to request a building transfer within CCS.  Please note that specific supporting reasons are required for the consideration of a transfer.  Once completed, the form should be printed and sent to the Human Resources department at ESC.

Payroll Forms

If you are claiming exempt status on your Federal W-4 form, the IRS requires that you complete a new W-4 form each year.