When Prairie Trace opened in 1998, our school mascot was a prairie dog. The prairie dog was a good fit to our life on the “prairie” and our partnership with Conner Prairie; however, as time went on our “prairie” faded and housing developments grew.

Other changes brought new administrators and a stable school community who became more actively involved in showing school spirit. For these reasons, the student council members were asked by the principal to conduct a survey to determine if the prairie dog still met our needs.

After much discussion, the student council members proposed three different animals to replace the prairie dog and presented them to the student body for their consideration. The student body and staff chose a hawk.

Student council members selected this bird because it is commonly seen around the school, and it has a regal appearance. It is a strong predator. Consideration was taken to make sure the mascot was not too scary for the younger students or too silly for the upper grades. The student body and staff then voted between three different hawks and were also asked to vote on its name. The hawk we have today was selected and named Hunter. In the end, everyone participated in the process and we officially changed the mascot to the hawk in 2004.

Principal, Mrs. Jill Schipp

Principal, Mrs. Jill Schipp

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