Birthday Book Club

Celebrate your child's birthday with a donation which will be enjoyed by many students for years to come.

Tournament of Titles

Students in 2GT and 3GT may participate in the Tournament of Titles.  The Tournament of Titles list contains 20 books covering a wide range of reading levels and subjects.  Students must read at least 5 of the titles from the list to be eligible to participate in the Tournament. Students are to show they have read the entire book by submitting a response to the classroom teacher.  

With the assistance of the classroom teachers, students make teams of 4.  Mrs. Dragash will ask questions about each title and teams can ring in to answer these questions.  The winning team from each round will advance until we "crown" The Tournament of Titles Champion.  The tournament is held during the school day starting after spring break.  The PTE Media Center, classrooms, and Carmel Clay Public Library have copies of each book.

2016-2017 List

Young Hoosier Book Award

We have various programs to encourage students to read titles from the Young Hoosier Book Award lists for grades K-3 and 4-6.