Young Hoosier Book Award

The Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) program, established by the Indiana Library Federation, is intended to promote recreational reading among Indiana students.  Each year, the YHBA committees select 20 books for the Picture Book list for grades K-3 and 20 books for the Intermediate list for grades 4-6.

Grades K-3

Students who read or listen to at least 12 of the 20 nominees from the Picture Book list may participate in a state-wide vote to select a YHBA winner.  The voting takes place in the Media Center in the spring.

Grades 4 and 5

The YHBA list of nominees contains 20 book titles covering a wide range of reading levels and subjects. Students must read at least 5 of the titles from the list to be eligible to vote for his/her favorite book. Voting is held in the Media Center and all qualified students attend a special celebration/voting party .

The Prairie Trace Media Center has multiple copies of the 20 titles, and the Carmel Clay Public library has many copies of each book.

To show that they have read a YHBA book, students may choose ONE of the following options for each book: 

    • Pick up a printed graphic organizer from the media center and return it to the media center when complete.
    • Create something in the Makerspace.
    • Complete a Reading Log.
    • Complete one of the following online activities and bring the printout to the media center:
      Acrostic Poem Write an acrostic poem about one of the book's characters. 
      Trading Cards Create a trading card for one of the book's characters.
      Comic Create a comic of a scene from the book.
      Letter Write a letter to the author or write a letter to a character in the book.
      Plot Diagram Diagram the plot of the book.
      Postcard Write a postcard to a friend to describe the setting of the book.
      Story Map Create a story map about a character, the setting, conflict, or resolution.
      Cube Creator Create a story cube to map out the elements of the story

Students who have read at least 5 books from the Intermediate list, may participate in Battle of the Books and the voting party each spring.

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