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2018-19 PTO Board of Directors

Thank you to all of you on the PTO Board of Directors! We are grateful for your dedication to the students, teachers and staff of PTE.






The PTO is you, parents, students, staff and teachers of Prairie Trace. We support the teachers and school in making this the best school in the District.


The goal of the PTO is to promote the best education and educational environment for each student by providing close cooperation among students, parents, teachers and administrators. When parents, teachers, students and staff work together, the possibilities are endless.


PTO Membership

When your child attends Prairie Trace Elementary (PTE), you are automatically a member of our Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). Our goal is to support the teachers, staff and students so our school can be an exciting and fantastic place for our kids to learn and grow. 


We do not collect membership dues, yet do ask for monetary donations through our "Soar Like A Hawk” campaign. This campaign as well as events, such as our Carnival, provide the money we need to help enrich the school and the experience of the students.


By being a member of our PTO, you help support Prairie Trace and the Events we host, Services we provide and Programs we sponsor. After all, we all have the same thing in common–to give our kids the best educational experience possible.


We are always looking for additional volunteers and new ideas!  The more volunteers we have the better we can organize and plan activities to benefit our students and school.  If you have any questions about the PTO or about events, please feel free to contact any Director that is listed under the Leadership tab.  

Thank you for your interest and support.



Our Mission

The Prairie Trace Parent Teacher Organization enhances the educational facilities and provides opportunities for the students of PTE through fundraising, events and programs. We are the communication link between the parents, faculty and school administrators. We do not direct the administrative activities of PTE or control its policies or educational direction.  



Reasons to Get Involved in the PTO

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Contact Us-Contact-Us.aspx

Contact any of the PTO Executive Board members directly, or email the PTO mailbox at PTEPTO@outlook.com!


The Prairie Trace PTO is made up of volunteers who serve on the executive board and the board of directors. The executive board is made up of seven positions and this group meets monthly. Our board of directors is made up of over 10 directorships plus their assistants. This group meets two to three times a year and is in constant contact with the executive board. There are two standing committees: finance and nominating.

There are two general PTO meetings held each year. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings, teachers, parents and staff. We welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback. Please contact us any time at PTEPTO@outlook.com.

PTO Executive Board for 2018-2019



Executive Committee:

Presidents:  Liane Knack and Jennifer Meece

Vice Presidents:  Kristi Bishop and Ashley Thibodeau

Secretary:  Mitzi Wasik

Asst. Secretary:  Jill Kuhfus and Carrie Gaerte

Ways and Means:  Ada Yeung

Treasurer:  Roseanne Ososki

Asst Treasurer:  Irina Gitman

Past President:  Sara Carlisle


2017-18 PTO Board of Directors

Thank you to all of you on the PTO Board of Directors! We are grateful for your dedication to the students, teachers and staff of PTE.

PTO Meetings

You are always welcome and encouraged to attend our PTO general meetings. These are held twice a year. If you cannot attend and need more information, please feel free to contact any board member listed under the "Contact Us - Leadership" page or email PTEPTO@outlook.com.

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PTO Directors' Expense Reimbursement Forms

These forms are to be completed and returned to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer

Forms Available Upon Request

PTO financial forms are available upon request from the Treasurer of the Prairie Trace PTO at PTEPTO.treasurer@outlook.com.