New Families


Welcome to Prairie Trace!

Whether you are a new to Prairie Trace or have a Kindergarten student, this page is for you. 

new families welcome




Join us at a gathering for new PTE families at

The Urban Chalkboard (

August 31, 9-11 a.m. 


The Urban Chalkboard is a local "play café" where babies and children are welcome. 
The PTO will pay for the cost of admission and an assortment of snacks, not to mention-coffee!
There will be a story time at 10 a.m. for younger children.
This is an open house, so feel free to come and go as you wish.


New Family Buddy Program!

The Prairie Trace PTO’s New Family Outreach Committee has a number of “Veteran” Prairie Trace parents who have volunteered to share their knowledge and experiences with families that are new to the area and new to PTE! Prairie Trace's New Family Buddy program helps families new to the Carmel area, setting up new family parents with veteran PTE parents who can answer a variety of questions they may have.


Prairie Trace Informational Sheet

Prairie Trace Informational Sheet-Info_sheet_pte_info_only

Informational Documents

The following documents will give you all the information you need. These were handed out at our Back to School Gathering on the Prairie. They are a good resource for school and PTO.

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