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Hawk Milers Recess Club

Hawk Milers is our Recess Walking/Running Club. This fun PTO program encourages students to exercise during recess. Parents count the laps and student compete for participation points. You can take part in the fun by helping us count laps and cheer on the kids around the track. Most love this volunteer position because they are short, outdoor shifts and younger siblings can come along. It's also a great way to see your kid(s) in the middle of the day. This program runs in the fall and the spring. 

Please click this link to sign-up. For questions email here


Volunteer at PTE!


WE NEED YOU! Below is a link to a form asking for volunteers througout the school year. Help can be done on a lunch hour, after school or at home. Just check what you're interested in and we'll contact you. No pressure, we promise. But, DON'T FORGET YOU NEED A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK ON FILE (SEE RIGHT).

For questions: ptepto.volunteer@outlook.com. Thanks for your interest!


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Cafeteria Volunteers Needed!

Looking for an easy way to see your kids during the day? Volunteering as a Lunch Room Helper is a great opportunity to see what's going on during their day and requires very little time commitment. All that is needed is a couple hours of your time to help kids open their drinks and snacks, get napkins, and help the little ones throw away their trash. Please click here to sign up or email Tricia Back at to have your name added to your Lunch Room Helpers list. This is a very important job within our school that we really need all the help we can get! Thanks for your support!    



Interested in volunteering at school or attending a field trip?

All volunteers for Carmel Clay Schools are required to have a criminal history background check done prior to volunteering at school. Please CLICK HERE and follow the steps to fill out the information requested so that a criminal background check can be performed. 

Your child's school administration will be contacted when the criminal background report is complete. If you have children who attend multiple schools in Carmel, you only need one criminal background report, however you will need to notify all schools you wish to voluteer, that you have a criminial history on file. Background checks are conducted by the Background Investigation Bureau and there is a $17.95 fee.

All volunteers also need to view the Anti-Bullying video at least one time.  The link to the video is on myCCS under the Criminal Background Check tab (your name and school will be recorded at the end of the video).

When volunteering, please be sure to leave younger children at home. 

myCCS login



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Media Center Needs Volunteers


Calling all Media Center Volunteers. Want to see your child during the day and learn more about books? Volunteer in the Media Center.

Parents will be asked to assist students, collect and shelve books and help with occasional special projects. Times are flexible. To sign up and be trained, email Colleen Bennett or Denise Dragash for more information. Click the flyer below for more information.

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Expense Reimbursement Forms

These forms are to be completed and returned to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer

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