Welcome to Smoky Row...Home of the Rockets!
I am thankful every day to get to come to school at Smoky Row. The students and staff are incredible, focused on relationships and learning. My hope for all students at SRE is that they feel safe, supported, and form connections with the staff and their peers. It is important to me that students feel great about coming to school each day. At SRE we aim to provide a well rounded academic experience that enriches and extends beyond the curriculum.
There are many ways to get involved at SRE for both our students and parents. As a student, there are after school activities such as Math Pentathlon, Pup Running, Spell Team, Green Team, and more. As parents, the opportunity to participate in activities around the school, volunteer in our media center or serve in some capacity with our PTO are great places to start. The more connections a family can make to its home school, the better the experience - socially, emotionallly, and acadmically. Here we call that a "win-win!"
Looking forward to getting to know you all,
Lila Jay, Principal
Smoky Row Elementary

Student Handbook

The Smoky Row Elementary Student/Parent Handbook contains general information about our school and district as well as explanations of policies and procedures.  Please take a moment to review this document to become familiar with these items.



The staff at Smoky Row promotes an anti-bullying theme of Step Up and Speak Up: Be a Friend, Not a Bully. Anti-bullying rules posted in all classrooms, as well as activities sponsored by the PBIS committee and the PTO, have helped our students learn appropriate and expected behavior.  The policies and programs in place have allowed us to maintain a safe, nurturing learning environment. 


Please visit Mrs. Elliott's office webpage to learn more about the Positive Behavior Inverventions and Supports at Smoky Row.

Mrs. Lila Jay

Mrs. Jay

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