Typing Links

Brown Bear Typing

Kindergarten & 1st Graders are encouraged to practice their typing skills using Big Brown Bear.


Typing Web

2nd - 5th grade students are encouraged to practice their typing with typing web.  Each student has a username and password given to them at school to track their progress.

 When a child logs in with the user name and password provided at school, s/he can practice for a few minutes –  perhaps just two exercises a week – to build the capacity for keyboarding that students need to be successful digital writers. In addition, we’re excited to promote some incentives for at-home work on keyboarding exercises. All classes have set a goal for a number of exercises to complete this quarter. Here at school, we will have check-ins at the beginning and halfway points of each quarter to assess student progress and recognize accomplishments of students. In addition, each grade level will have an ongoing friendly competition to motivate students to practice accuracy in their keyboarding. So, the next time your child asks to play on the computer, remind them that a few minutes on Typing Web is a great way to build skills!