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Meet the Teacher Night


Aug 23 - 6:30p

4th, 5th and 4/5 CC


Aug 24 - 6:30p

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2/3 CC



  IN the Know ... Rocket Rules! In all of our Carmel Clay elementary schools, you will see evidence of a School Wide Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) program.  The core premise of a PBIS program is to teach positive behaviors to students, much like we teach the skills of reading, writing, or math. Here at Smoky Row, the positive behaviors we teach are called the Rocket Rules. Our Rocket Rules are intentionally simple and easy to remember. We ask our students to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn.  These three main rules are then clearly defined for all students so that we understand what it means to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn in different school environments, including the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, bus, playground, restrooms, etc. Having the same expectations across the entire school, grades kindergarten through five, allows for a consistent language and practice among all staff and students.  Most importantly, recognizing students for their positive behaviors helps to impact a child’s choices. You can review our Rocket Rules Here if you’d like.  You can also reinforce the same principles of the Rocket Rules in your home and the community.  This article gives examples of how you can use positive reinforcement at home for improvement of common behavior concerns.

School Safety ... Presentation by Asst. Principal Mrs. Satkoski! 


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