Smoky Row is lucky to have parents who are involved in their children’s education. For example, parents help students in the classroom when the teachers request assistance, they chaperone field trips, and they organize class parties. In addition to such classroom-based activities, they also help the school by participating in PTO-sponsored services.

While activities may change from year to year, each activity the PTO organizes has a purpose and benefits someone in the school community.

PTO activities are organized under six major categories--Fundraising, Spirit, Community Outreach, School Enrichment, School Hospitality/Welcome, and School Support.  To learn more about the PTO’s services, click on any of the committees listed below.

Are you looking for a way to be more involved at SRE? 

Committees - PTO Slate 2015-16

Finance Processes for SRE PTO 2015-16


Upcoming Events

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