Building Based Team

A Building Based Team is a group of Smoky Row teachers and specialized staff members who come together to develop an individualized General Education Intervention (GEI) plan in order to meet the diverse learning and social needs of all Smoky Row students. 

A student may be referred by his or her classroom teacher or other staff member to the Building Based Team if he or she is struggling academically or socially at school.

The Building Based Team’s focus is to provide new ideas or strategies that will assist a student’s progress in the classroom. These ideas and strategies are built on the strengths and interests unique to the individual student.

How does it work?

  1. The team begins by identifying specific academic and/or behavior concerns that are affecting a student at school.
  2. Interventions are then suggested and discussed by the team. 
  3. A plan of action is created to support the student’s needs and monitor progress through data collection.
  4. The team meets on an ongoing basis to monitor the success of each student and make any necessary changes to the action plan.
Smoky Row staff members strive to ensure the success of all Smoky Row students. A referral to the Building Based Team is a positive step towards greater academic and social success for the student.