#iLeadSRE and the 7 Habits

#iLeadSRE is an exciting all-school initiative to encourage all our Rockets, big and little, to be leaders. #iLeadSRE uses the 7 Habits to teach and encourage all our students to be leaders in of their own lives, as well as to be leaders for others.

Anti-Bully Rules

The Anti-Bully rules are designed to reinforce Smoky Row's anti-bullying theme of Step Up and Speak Up: Be a Friend, Not a Bully. Smoky Row has been very successful in the last several years in helping children learn the expectations of student behavior. We pride ourselves in having a safe and welcoming school environment.

Lunch Bunch Groups

Lunch Bunch Groups meet weekly at every grade level except kindergarten. These groups meet to discuss a variety of friendship and social skills needed to be successful while at school and in the community. Students are selected for these groups by their teachers.

Banana Splits Groups

Banana Splits is back for students in grades 3-5. This group is designed for children whose family has experienced a change either through the death of a parent, separation, divorce and/or remarriage. Banana Splits is a support group for children to share feelings with other children experiencing similar family changes. The group meets once per MONTH during lunch. Children may participate as often or as seldom as they choose. The group has an open-door policy for children to participate at their own comfort level.  Banana Splits groups will begin meeting in Mrs. Elliott’s office on Monday, October 7. All grade levels will meet the first school Monday of the month.  If your child is interested in attending, please encourage him/her to join us for our first meeting. I look forward to working with the Banana Splits group! If your child would like to speak with me individually about family changes, I am more than happy to do so. Parents or children are always welcome to contact me with any concerns.


Online Trauma Resources

These online trauma resources are available to help students, families and staff members in the event of a death, natural disaster, school safety crisis, or during tragedy or trauma.