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Welcome to Mrs. Bates' 6th grade math website!  This website will post 6th grade math information for the school year.  I hope we have a great year!

Use the links to the left to access homework and to find additional math resources!

Use the link to the left to access CAM's Math Department's Retake Policy.  This is a common policy that our Math Department supports.

Study guides and answers can be found to the right.

Homework makes up 10% of your child's grade in math.  The other 90% comes from tests and quizzes.  I feel that homework is a place for your child to practice the material that was presented in class in a quiet and private setting.  I know that some days the first introduction may not allow for your child to feel mastery of this topic.   Therefore, I want to promote my belief that homework is truly practice and that it is important to complete it on the assigned day so that the class plan for the next day will be valuable. 

Homework will be given a point value of one point per assignment, per day assigned.  There will be a weekly homework grade, and the total points possible will be based on the number of days homework was given for that particular week.  If your child has the work completed on the assigned day, he/she will receive the point for that day.  If your child is absent, he/she will be given givne the work when he/she returns.  It is expected that the work be made up, but there will not be a penalty for absence.

It is essential for your child to complete his/her work on time because we check the work in class on a daily basis, and I take time to answer questions your child might have.  It will be up to your child to check his/her work that is late on his/her own time with the homework answer key book that will be housed in the classroom.