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Welcome to Mrs. Gill's Classroom Website!

Hello and welcome!  I teach resource classes and co-teach in both the general education Math classes and in a general education Language Arts class.  In both settings, I facilitate instruction and that is tailored to students' goals in their Individualized Education Plan.  I am on Team Titans, but I also teach with Mrs. Herman, who is on Team Avengers!  


A note about math...

My goal is for students to build confidence in their ability to approach complex math problems.  Part of building this confidence is understanding that there are multiple ways to solve problems.  This math class will require students to be innovative and collaborative problem solvers.  Students will use mathematical vocabulary with me and with each other in order to think through various math problems. We will also be emphasizing collaborative problem solving and mental math in order to improve student


Here are some problem solving strategies that students are encouraged to use when approaching complex math problems.
  • Simplify the Problem
  • Make an Organized List
  • Guess and Check
  • Make a Drawing or Model
  • Look for a Pattern and Generalize
  • Work Backwards