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* Please note that due to unforeseen changes in schedules or lesson plans, the internet may not be as up to date as the homework board in Mrs. Beyer's classroom. The homework board is your first and most reliable source for assignments.

Calculator: I recommend the TI - 30X.  There are slightly different versions, and it comes in a variety of colors.  All are fine.  If your child already has a calculator and it is not TI - 30X, that is fine too.  Please make sure your child's name is on the calculator.


  See the Team Inspire website for homework information.




Semester 1 Review



Chapter 1



Integer Operation Jeopardy -These
are the "no calculator" problems that will be on your final exam!

Integer Puzzle

Bike Racing Integer Multiplication

Multiplying Fractions Soccer            


Chapter 2



Two-Step Equation Hoop Shoot

Equations Battleship


Multiplying Decimals Basketball

7th Grade Numbers & Operations Jeopardy






Chapter 3





Just for
  Fun.... Ratio Rumble :)



Chapter 4



  at the Mall

  -Practice with Percent of Change


Halloween Percents