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Latin II Placement Exam

To prepare for your placement exam:

Re-read: pp. 17-24, pp. 44-48, pp. 64-68, pp. 83-88, and pp. 104-110

Review: noun endings (cases), verb endings (Mickey Mouse endings and perfect endings), verb tenses (present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect) relative pronouns (antecedents and translations), and prepositions (whether they use the ablative or the accusative case)

Part II (Translation) will be administered on Wednesday, March 9.

Part I (Multiple Choice) will be administered on Thursday, March 10


Unit 2 (8th Grade)

Students and Parents:

We have finally begun Unit 2 (Blue Book).  In this book, we will travel all over the Roman world, to places including (but not limited to) Britain and Egypt.  There will be some familiar faces, but new locations and ideas -- there may even be a murder plot.

Unit 2 is more difficult than Unit 1, but the building blocks have been placed firmly at the foundation and we're ready to tackle this new structure.


Students are to pick new _praenomina_ for the study of Unit 2. This name will complement (and be added to) the _nomina_ they have already chosen. Attached to this block is a list of new _praenomina_.

Modus Operandi (Way of Operating) -- How Latin Works

In this class students are on their second leg of Latin education.  As such, the students are expected to remember material learned in sixth grade.  Knowing, however, that learning and retaining do not always go hand-in-hand, students will begin this class by reviewing material from last year.

The goal for this year is to finish Unit 1 (Red book) and also to finish Unit 2 (Blue book).  doing so will bring the students up to speed to beign Latin 2 at the high school. 

Making significant progress in Latin requires interdisciplinary education -- and so, this class wil focus on four major areas of Latin study: vocabulary, grammar, culture, and reading comprehension.

By focusing on four major areas, students will have a well-rounded education in Latin and will be able to approach high school Latin in a well-prepared fashion.

Negotia (Assignments)