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Study Hall and Study Skills

Students are expected to have either an assignment on which to work or a book to read every day.

No more than three students will be allowed in the Media Center or Computer Lab at any one time.  No more than four students will be allowed to be outside the classroom at any one time.

There should be no talking during class unless it is to ask a question of the teacher or of a classmate who may offer help on an assignment.

There is no eating during Study Hall; bottled drinks are acceptable unless the privilege is abused.

For the first 15-20 each day, we will also be discussing and learning about new study skills and organization habits in order to maximize students' efficiency in studying and homework time.  There will discussions and in-class activities whose focus will be the fostering of new and better study habits.  The remaining 30-35 minutes of each class will be devoted to homework and study time.