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Latin I, Cambridge Latin Course Units I and II

In Unit 1, students are introduced to the building blocks of Latin grammar and culture through a tour of daily life in Pompeii.  The book covers many topics from the Pompeian forum to the most famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.  By immersing students into the culture, the Cambridge Latin Course makes grammar and other difficult topics easier to swallow and to digest.  Unit 1 builds a strong foundation for students to continue.

In Unit 2, students continue to cultivate their basic Latin knowledge while expanding the garden of Latin education through the broaching of more difficult grammatical topics.  These topics include relative pronouns, additional noun cases, and expanded verb vocabulary and conjugation.  With these grammatical topics, students are introduced to life in Roman Britain in the mid to late 1st C. AD.  Students will even take a detour to Egypt for a couple of chapters.

All in all, the CLC is designed to entice students in Latin I and to encourage them to continue to build on their knowledge of the most fundamental of all languages.