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Discipline Based Art Education

Discipline Based Art Education (commonly called DBAE) is an Art Education method that goes beyond painting a pretty picture.  DBAE is a method of teaching and studying art that exposes students to four distinct art disciplines: Art Criticism, Art Aesthetics, Art History, and Art Production.  Developing knowledge and skills in these four areas allows students to attain a more thorough comprehension of visual arts.  Each discipline is tailored to specific ages and grade levels.

Art Criticism: Learning How To Critique Art

Students will learn how the visual elements and principles are used to compose an artwork.  Students can assess the use of these elements and principles by performing a formal critique.

Students will determine how the elements of line, shape, value, texture, color, space and form are used together to create a complete work of art. They will make judgments on the quality of a work of art based on the use of these elements.

Students will also learn about the art principles of unity, balance, contrast, rhythm, emphasis, pattern, and movement.  They will examine how the art elements are combined to express these different art principles.  For instance, a series of wavy lines could be used to create rhythm. 

Art Aesthetics: Questioning Art

Students consider and asks questions about the nature, meaning, impact, and value of art, are encouraged to formulate reflective "educated" opinions and judgements about specific works of art, and examine criteria for evaluating works of art.

Art History: Understanding How Visual Communication Has Evolved

Students study the artistic accomplishements of the past and present as motivation, examples of style or technique, and as a discussion topics over different events and movements through history.

Art Production: Learning How To Create Art

Students learn skills and techniques in order to produce personal and original artwork.  Students will be expoesed to a variety of media when studying art production.  Art production provides students with an oppurtunity to express themselves and take owenership in their own studies.  For many students, art production creates pride and joy of expression that instills a love of learning in the student.