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Assigned homework is always due the next school day unless otherwise specified.  Please encourage your child to come to school each day prepared with homework!  Most homework will be math assignments.  PLease ensure your child is doing the assigned study link as we use this as a reteaching tool the next day. Missing homework will be handled on an individual basis.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK EVERY DAY FOR HOMEWORK.  Note:  some assignments cannot be made up!





Test Procedures

Study guides for science/social studies tests will come home a few days before the test.  There will be an in-class review before all social studies tests.  A good habit is to save previous papers that have been sent home to enhance studying.


For math, practice problems will be sent home 1-2 days before the test.  These are optional problems and do not need to be returned.  Students are strongly  encouraged to do the practice problems to aid in preparing for the test.


Spelling tests will be given every 5th day.  The spelling words will be copied on the day the list is handed out.  This will be sent home to aid in preparing for the final test.  The spelling worksheet  will be completed in class and will not come home until the day before the test.  Exceptions will be made on an individual basis.


If your child misses a test, he/she will make it up the next day he/she is in class.  Your child is responsible for learning any material missed during class instruction.