Just an awesome site - Gigapixels of Andromeda - Size of Andromeda Galaxy - Amazing link!


We had some amazing Ecology Projects this last week of school!


It has been a fun and busy year in 8th grade science! Thank you for allowing me to have your amazing child(ren) to work with this year! We have  learned a lot from one another throughout the year. I hope the best for all of you in high school. Please remember to always be true to yourself and believe in the amazing things that you can accomplish! Dream Big!


On Friday and then again on Monday we are working on Ecology projects (rubric and overview listed at the left on the bottom). This is an open ended piece that is due on Tuesday with a presentation. Scientists are able to address any ecological problem they choose (Confirmed choices on Friday with Mrs. Leffler) and present in any manner - raps, skits, videos...

Ecology Final is on Thursday. We will be reviewing over this information in detail throughout the week. It is a short test 15 questions 30 points.


Chemistry: Final days 

 Chemistry Final was last Thursday. Tests were passed back either Friday or Monday (depending on absences). Corrections need to be made by TUESDAY for the retake on Wednesday.

ALL scientists are encouraged to complete the work to take the re-take. ONLY the questions missed will be on the re-take and they can only gain points. I want them to understand what they missed so they can master all chemistry content.

We started Ecology on Monday and will be ending the year with an overview of Chapters 12 & 13 and a mini-project about ecology. This project and the ecology final will be the last grades of the year. LET'S FINISH STRONG!

Happy Summer! Be safe and enjoy High School!

Here's to a bright future
Class of 2019!





Chemistry Re-take form is due tomorrow all day on Friday and Monday were dedicated to completing this if necessary.


Chemistry Re-take tomorrow

IN- class notes on Chapter 12 & 13 presented on Tuesday and Wednesday


 Think of topic of study concerning Ecology!



 Rubrics are know and groups chosen for Ecology Research - Project is due on Tuesday May 19th . Friday and Monday are in the computer lab researching and organizing!


Ecology Final is May 21st


Please use this extended time to master concepts!

Chemistry Quizlet- keep in mind you can highlight only the terms we have used and review as we go!






A Boy and His Atom

Early Atomic Theory  10.1

Atomic Electron Shells

Review of Ionic and Covalent Bonds - use with foldable in SN


What are isotopes?

Law of Conservation of Mass

Walkthrough video

Example Video #1

Example Video #2

Extended Research:

Higgs Boson Explained
Higgs Boson- set to music
Higgs Boson Pictionary

Early Atomic Theory Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford and Millikan


 We will have the Chemistry Final over Ch 10 & 11 NOW Thursday, May 7! 7

Several scientists have been provided the opportunity to build on their interest in chemistry through a Chemistry Extension Activity that was approved by Mrs. Leffler! We will be concluding these this week and sharing out with our fellow scientists.


Comic Strip due on Monday - Three different chemistry topics and three different comics. They may be done on the computer or drawn out!

Chogger Comic

Make Beliefs Comix

Comic Creator


February 2- 6 Focusing on Project completion and DNA

LINKS below-
Nova - Cracking the Genetic Code - video that explains DNA

Extracting DNA from a Strawberry - Really Cool!

Bill Nye - Genes

January 28/29


January 22-23 Karyotyping Lab - need SN and laptop with partner

1) Go to the link Karyotyping Lab and read initial page

2) At the bottom click on Patient Histories

3) Patient Histories: Complete Karyotypes for Patient A and C only.

       Record information in your SN concerning the outcome of each patient. Realize that other scientists will not have the chromosomes in front of them and only have your notebook to understand this patient. 

Patient A Karyotype:
A 1. What notation would you use to characterize Patient A's karyotype?
A 2. What diagnosis would you give patient A? Explain.

Patient C Karyotype: 
C 1. What notation would you use to characterize Patient C's karyotype?
C 2. What diagnosis would you give patient C? Explain.

Final part of assignment Karyotype extension:

Now, search the internet for web sites that cover some interesting aspect of human genetics. Make sure that you cite your sources! The Gary Spangler Show will want to make sure you are a reliable source. Find and use sources below to support your ideas for the What makes...me?


National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Do twins have same DNA?


Share your findings so we can post for others!



Meiosis Understanding:

Viewed in Class:
Meiosis: Crossing Over and Variability
Crash Course Biology: Meiosis

January 8th/9th - In Class work
Complete handout using this Video: Meiosis: The Great Divide
Turn in handout to Mrs. Leffler by January 13th.

Discuss with team the rubric for meiosis. Do you plan on completing this as a team or individually? Please share plan with Mrs. Leffler January 9th. Fill out task sheet for individual members. 

Meiosis due date is beginning of period January 13th. Project rubric is attached on the left.


 In class research Gregor Mendel   Dec 16 page 2

Answer the following in complete sentences in your SN using the sources below:

1) Who is Gregor Mendel?
2) Why is he called the “Father of Genetics”?
3) What was his experiment and what did he discover?
4) What is Genetics?
5) What is Heredity?

Gregor Mendel Resources
a) Gregor Mendel –bio

b) Wikipedia

c) Basic Research

d) Deciphering the Genetic Code

e) Famous Scientists

f) Science Channel Genetics

Upon completion work on your vocabulary terms as listed below:

Create notecards: ON Front: Word only;   ON Back - definition and illustration



These are not in book:







Loci (locus)


These are located in book: Gregor Mendel









Dominant allele

Recessive allele



Punnett square






Incomplete dominance


Multiple alleles

Polygenetic inheritance



Selective breeding




Genetic engineering

Gene therapy


December 19th Focus Points

Genetics Contracts
Be specific in your contract so everyone is aware of the expectations.
Please complete your Final Genetics Contracts on google docs.
Please verify completed contract with Mrs. Leffler.
Send google docs to Mrs. Leffler. 
Print and place in team folder

Genetics Project Tasks
Be specific in your tasks so everyone is aware of the expectations.

In the left column review over the jobs and edit as needed. (Keep main details)
Assign a task to each individual within the team - place there name on it.
Print and place in team folder

 Please make sure all folders are labeled and complete!

 Have an amazing break! Be safe and have fun!

Physics sites to enjoy:

Energy Forms and Changes

Demo of Air Resistance

Balancing Act

Forces and Motion

Amusement Park Physics

Roller Coaster Physics Article

Roller Coaster Creator

Flight - Physics games

Physics Games

Physics Facts



 Mendelian Genetics

Monohybrid Cross Problem Set

Ishihara Test for Color Blindness

Dihybrid Cross Problem Set

The Biology Project

Karyotyping Activity

Learn Genetics

Blood Types Tutorial

Color Blindness Problem Set



Quizlet Ch 1 & 2
Physics Quizlet
Waves Section 1
Waves Section 2
Waves Section 3


Chapter 7 Quizlets

Ch 7 Sec 1
Ch 7 Sec 2
Ch 7 Sec 3

Heredity Quizlet



  Due to the grade 8 Interactive Science book being customized for Carmel Clay Schools the chapters and units of study do not match with the on-line version. This may be a source that can be used but is not the most reliable.It is best to bring home your text book when needed!

Pearson INteractive Science - log-in/password is the same as your school Info, however ccs needs to be in front of the username: 
CCSusername/ID # Same as last year!


Mythbusters- Five Second Rule
Science Careers .gov
Careers - Try Science
Career Smart - Science 
NASA Careers
Science Buddies Career
PBS Cool Science Careers
Careers in Life Science
Thinkquest Careers

<a href="http://www.famousscientists.org/" _fcksavedurl="http://www.famousscientists.org/" style="border-top: 0px; font-family: inherit; border-right: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; border-bottom: 0px; color: rgb(36,73,111); padding-bottom: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-left: 0px; margin: 0px; border-left: 0px; padding-</body></html>


Welcome to  Carmel Middle!

Homework will be posted at this location as below- please bookmark these for easy access throughout the year. All homework is posted on Monday for the entire week. (Note that these are subject to change.) 


Ch 9 Heredity Quizlet 

Nova - Cracking the Genetic Code - video that explains DNA

Extracting DNA from a Strawberry - Really Cool!

January 28/29