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8th Grade Science

Class Description

 In 8th grade science, students will be exposed to Physics, Chemistry, Genetics and Ecology. This year will provide a more in depth view of science with an emphasis on correct scientific processes and communication skills.

We will be using Pearson, Interactive Science books this year to support our curriculum.

Homework Pages

Successful completion of homework encourages the development of self-responsibility and positive study habits, while providing the opportunity to practice and extend skills and concepts previously taught in class. Unfortunately, late work becomes more and more of a problem as the year progresses. Please encourage your child for the transition to high school by checking on-line at my ccs and this website frequently. I am working on using Edmodo and Twitter as another communication tool so please look for further information to come out as this technology is incorporated. (Closed password accounts will be used but provided to the scientists for proper placement in their science notebooks.)

Grades will be updated every week on MyCCS as they are given. (Some weeks may have no scores to report. Please use the Leffler Science Homework website to check for daily assignments and score updates.)

Homework is found on the webpage for each day. Homework posted on Monday for the week is subject to change. If you are in doubt please ask your child and if necessary don't hesitate to e-mail me. 

Late Work Science Policy: 1 day late = 50% off from total score

Grade Distribution

 Throughout the course of a unit, quick assessments of knowledge (sometimes labeled as quizzes or exit slips) will be taken. Final assessments are given at the end of each unit and may be in various announced forms (projects, tests, final labs…). Science notebooks are a valuable resource that supports student knowledge and understanding of key concepts.  We will work out of our notebooks on a daily basis. Initially, they will be housed in the classroom but will go home occasionally to be shared and as a review of content covered in class.



A            93-100%
A-           90-92%
B+          87-89%
B            83-86%
B-           80-82%
C+        77-79%
C             73-76%
C-           70-72%
D+        67-69%
D            63-66%
D-           60-62%
F             0-59%

Class Supplies

 Two composition notebooks (science class only), Pencils (colored and regular), Science Book (click for on-line version), Folder, Post-it notes, and Assignment Notebook.