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Course grading for each 9 weeks follows the 80 - 20- Rule. 80 % of the grade will be based on summative assesments including labs, written evaluations of labs, tests and quizes. 20% will be based on the formative assessments of daily assignments, activities, and homework.

The course grade will be based on the 40-40-20 rule. 40% for each 9 weeks and 20% for the final exam.

Assessments will be both written and practical. Students may select to skip only the writen part of the final exam if they are eligible fot the skip a final program.

Late work- Late work is not encouraged. It is expected to have late work from an absence completed on the day the student returns or the day after.

In the case of late work for reasons other than an absence from class a 10% deduction may be made as a result. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER A SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT IS GIVEN OVER THE SAME TOPIC.