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About Miss Lyons


About Ms. Lyons

Hello! My name is Beth Lyons and I am a second grade teacher at Forest Dale. This is my eighth year teaching second grade, but my seventeenth year teaching. I have taught kindergarten at College Wood, Prairie Trace, and Forest Dale and I taught first grade at Hoosier Road in Hamilton SouthEastern.

I was born and raised in Carmel and attended Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Carmel High School, and Indiana University. I completed my Masters Degree in Reading in December 2012.

I enjoy traveling, decorating my home, reading, walking, and gardening. In 2008 I was awarded a Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship and I spent the summer in Europe studying their bridges and cultures. Last summer I traveled to Florida, California, Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.   

Reading is truly a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing books and writing with students.  Room Ten is a safe, loving, cheerful place to be.  I feel so lucky to teach at Forest Dale and please feel free to contact me any time at blyons@ccs.k12.in.us



Some Additional Information

Both my parents live in Carmel and I am very close with my siblings. My older brother and his wife live here in Carmel, actually, in Williamson Run!   He is an outdoorsy guy and works in the financial industry. They have two sweet little boys Christopher,  (almost four) and Charles (almost two).  I love being an Auntie and love that the boys will complete their elementary education here at FDE.  In fact,  Christopher already attends the preschool program here at FDE. 

My younger brother lives in Los Angeles and  works in the movie business in cinematography. He  left Dreamworks (!?!) because a better opportunity as the assistant to a director became available.  He now spends his days as a development executive reading scripts, on the set and in the editing room.  

My baby sister graduated from Indiana University in May 2012 and works at SpaceX, also in Los Angeles.  She works in software, but SpaceX is a fascinating company of the future, privatizing space travel, launching satellites,  and completing many missions to the International Space Station.  The founder (Elon Musk; inventor of Paypal, Founder of Tesla Motors, and Solar City, and inspiration for Iron Man) has a goal to colonize Mars. My sister earns badges for each mission they complete and has a number assigned to her.  This is her spot in line to go to Mars.  I hope it is a round trip ticket!  This May she got engaged to... a rocket scientist, her boyfriend of three years. 

I am very upset that California keeps stealing the most important people in my life, but I am proud of their accomplishments.  I am constantly asking them questions about what they need to know in their job so that I can prepare my students for whatever jobs await them in the future.  Who knows what jobs and what future awaits  our current second graders?