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Test Taking Tips


Read the question carefully.

Think about what you are supposed to do.

Look at answer choices carefully.

If you are absolutely sure an answer choice is correct, mark it and move on to the next question.  You need not look at the rest of the answer choices.

Eliminate answer choices you know are wrong.

Try each answer choice in the blank for cloze-type items.

Take your best guess when unsure of the answer.

Skip difficult items and return to them later.

Be sure you mark the correct space for the answer group that corresponds to the question you are working on.

Answer all the questions.

Top Test Taking Mistakes


Spending too much time on difficult items.

Misreading a question.

Filling in the wrong answer space.

Misreading answer choices.

Performing the wrong mathematics operation.

Misreading key words such as not or opposite.

Making a copying error when rewriting a horizontal math problem in vertical format.

Making a copying error when transferring a mathematics answer from scratch paper to the answer sheet.

Failing to attempt to answer all the items.