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Welcome to 5th grade math at Smoky Row Elementary School. Check back frequently for any additions to these links!

Math Online Resources

The following links help extend learning beyond the classroom.

  1. - Visit this site to work on your basic math facts. It will help you with mastering your Otter Creek Tests!
  2. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range - Just learn the four basic definitions. It can't be that hard, or can it?
  3. Fraction / Decimal / Percent Jeopardy - Challenging game to interchange forms of numbers from fractions, decimals, and percents.
  4. Fraction / Decimal Conversion - Conversion equivalents for fractions and decimals
  5. Order of Operations - Use matching and flashcards to practice doing basic order of operations problems.
  6. Integers and Order of Operations
  7. Prime Factorization; Match column 1 with its equivalent prime factorization in column 2.
  8. Intergers Review - Battleship: sink your opponent's ships by answering questions correctly.
  9. Evaluating Expressions - Solve each problem correctly to go from rage to riches!
  10. King Kong Scientific Notation Game - Escape King Kong by correctly answering these scientific notation questions!
  11. Fibonacci - Fibonacci numbers and nature