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What are we doing this week?

Week of November 21st

Monday- Health- Board Game work time, conflict resolution and review. Board Game DUE December 9th or 12th. TEST DECEMBER 1ST OR 2ND. 

Tuesday- Racquet Sports

Wednesday- NO SCHOOL




Health November 18th and 21st

 Today, students started with a large amount of work time for their board game project. Their projects are due on December 9th or 12th. After their work time, they learned the last chunk of information that will be on their test. We discussed conflict resolution, the four types of conflict and the way people handle their conflicts. Last, they got a study guide and reviewed for the test. Below are some example questions that could be found on the test. 

Health November 10th and 11th

Students learned about communication and how to talk to one another using both verbal and non verbal cues. They followed the PowerPoint and took notes, along with completing some hands on activities. They were given an assignment to create a board game using the last three health lessons (stress, anxiety, anger and communication). 

Health November 2nd and 3rd

 Today, students talked about Coping with Anger. They did some activities to demonstrate how different situations and different scenarios make people angry in different ways. We also discussed how people handle their anger differently. After some class discussions and class activities, students were assigned an anger iceberg. The iceberg was to demonstrate the things that build up within someone to get them to react on the outside. 

Health October 25th and 26th

 Students started class with an open note quiz. They were able to use their notes from the tobacco, alcohol and marijuana lessons. They were then given work time to finish their Public Service Announcements from the previous class. These will be due next health class (November 2nd or 3rd). We started discussing coping with anxiety and ways to handle their stress and emotions. Work was done in their workbooks.

Health October 13th and 18th

 Today, students learned about marijuana and the effects it can have on their bodies, both long and short term. Students completed an around the room activity to fill out their note sheets and then worked with groups to create a PSA about the dangers of marijuana. Students will have an open note quiz next week covering tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. They will be responsible for having their notes completed and bringing them with to class.

Health October 5th and 6th

Today we talked about what alcohol is, the different forms it comes in and how it can effect our bodies. We created a foldable to use as a study guide that defined alcoholism and alcohol abuse and described the effects of small amounts and large amounts of alcohol. The homework was to write a letter to their parents (or someone important to them) on what the effects of alcohol could be. In order to get full credit, they need the letter signed.

Health September 27th and 28th

Today students discussed the chemicals in tobacco. They then labeled the respiratory system and learned the path that oxygen takes before exchanging with Carbon Dioxide. They were assigned Captain Oxygen which is a storyboard/comic strip illustrating the path oxygen takes through the respiratory system.

Health Class September 19th and 20th

Students started the class with some study time before taking their first quiz. The quiz goes over everything that was listed on the study guide. After the quiz, students take notes over the long term effects of smoking. We discuss the long term effects vs. the immediate effects. We then talk about heart rate. Last week in PE we passed out the heart rate straps and went over how those work so the heart rate discussion ties in nicely. We talk about the positive influence exercise has on the heart vs. the negative influence smoking has on it. Students calculate their target heart rate and find their resting and maximum heart rates.

Health Class September 9th and 12th

Today we started out with a review. Students will be quizzed over health information that we have been doing since the beginning of the year. They took notes on their study guide. Next, we transitioned into the myths and realities of smoking. Students got up and moving to decide whether or not they thought a certain statement was true or false. After some group discussion, they got into groups to figure out the amount of money people spend on cigarettes a year. We then talked about the different effects smoking has on the body and wrapped up working on a one pager that is homework.

Health August 31st and September 1st

We wrapped up goal setting and began talking about decision making. We discussed the daily decisions each student makes at home, school and with their friends and who could influence those decisions. After taking notes, students started working on the 3 C's worksheet that is now homework if unfinished. Students should recall 3 times they had to make a decision and break it down into the 3 C's before indicating their final decision.

Health August 23rd and 24th

We talked about self image and how our self image is created. We discussed things that can effect our self image in a positive way and things that can effect it in a negative way. We ended class talking about Goal Setting and the SMART acronym.

Health Class August 15th and August 16th

The Parts of Health

Today, students started out class by writing down what the word "health" meant to them. They transferred what they wrote into illustrations on a puzzle piece. The puzzle will be put together by block to get an idea of what each students associates with the word health. Students were given guided notes (below) to complete as we through the PowerPoint (below). They followed along and filled in the blanks as we discussed it. They ended the class with taking a health survey and deciding where they feel they could improve. Students picked a goal and went through a goal setting worksheet (below).