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Current Happenings in Mrs. Panschar's Third Grade Class


Posted: Week of October 3-7th

Class News: 

  •   Walk to School Day will be on Wednesday, October 5th. 
  •  Third Grade Muffins with Me will be held on Thursday, October 6th from 7:30-8am. Come and join the fun!
  •  Turtle Trot will be held on Friday, October 7th during Specials time from 8:45-9:35am. Students are reminded to wear their gym shoes on Friday. 
  •  Mohawk Trails is collecting Box Tops for Education. The fall deadline to submit box tops/ labels is Friday, October 21st.
  • Literacy: We are studying in literacy: Reach Unit 2, Week 4. This unit is called: "Nature's Balance." The big question for this unit: "What happens when nature loses its balance?"  Comprehension skills covered this week: analyze details, read a Human Interest Feature, compare ecosystem, and read an interview. Spelling words this week cover words with consonant blends. Spelling word list can be found on the left side of my web page. Spelling test will be on Thursday, October 6th.  Unit 2 Comprehension Test will be taken over three days. Unit 2 Reach Test will be taken on Friday, 10-7, Monday, 10-10, and Tuesday, 10-11th. Unit 2 Study Guide will be traveling home on Monday, 10-3rd. 
  • Academic Vocabulary: Week 1: amount, balance, behavior, compare, contrast, control, decrease, increase, interact, react, scarce, supply.
  • Week 3: cause, competition, drought, ecosystem, effect, food chain, level, nature, negative, positive, resources, and river.

Grammar: dependent clause and independent clauses, compound sentences, and edit/ proofread.

Writing: Students will be completing their narrative writing, revise, edit, and publish. I am proud of narrative writers! We will be creating and writing a sensory autumn poem with a special pumpkin frame for our pumpkin patch.

Science- Plants: This is our third week of Plant and Plant Development Unit. The students have been doing an amazing job handling science materials during science experiments, thinking like a scientist, and recording observations! Students will be tested on Tuesday, October 4th on the parts of a plant and their functions. Students will also be involved with transplanting their seedlings, life cycle of plants, and recording/illustrating in science journals.

Math: Mrs. Panschar's Third Grade 

If your child has Mrs. Slade or Mrs. Ripple for math, please refer to their websites for current math information.

Math concepts covered are: We are currently wrapping up Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers. Math concepts covered this week: review packet on Monday, Unit 2 testing on Tuesday, and begin Unit 3: Linear Measures and Area. Skills covered will be: standard units of measurements and measure line segments to the nearest inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch and centimeter measurement.  Students will be involved with a variety of math games that practice current math skills. Please remember to have your children practice addition and subtraction facts daily. Students need additional practice telling and writing time at home.

  • Unit 2 Review Packet needs to be completed by Monday, October 3rd. 
  • Math Unit 2 Test will be on Tuesday, October 4th.



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