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  News posted for the week of  May 15-19, 2017

Class News:

Wow, I can hardly believe that this is our final full week of school this year.  We certainly will be packing in lots of work in these 5 days.

On Tuesday, the Carmel Public Library will be here to present information about their summer reading program.  I hope you are able to have your child participate in this wonderful incentive based reading program.

Be sure to check out the MTE newsletter for additional school information. 

Our lunch is from 11:40 - 12:10 each day if you are planning to join your child for lunch. 


This will be our final week of Unit 8 in Reach.  The unit theme is "Getting There" with the big question; What tools can we use to acheive our goals?  During this unit the students will review and practice all of the reading skills and strategies we have learned this year.  This week the word study will homographs along with a review of last week's vocabulary words.  We will read another  nonfiction passage titled Climbing Toward Her Goal and work on cause & effect. As we continue to work with past tense verbs, this week we will concentrate on future tense verbs.  Our spelling list is words with the 2 syllables beginning with a, along with words ending with y and le.  The teacher choice word is business.  The spelling test will be on Thursday, May 18th.

This week, the students will be finish up 2 pieces of writing.  The wrote infractured fairy tales which they are illustrating and they wrote literary reviews from a picture book they chose.  I am hoping to have these literary reviews on display in our library over the summer months.

As always, the students should also be reading a minimum of 15 minutes a night, and returning their reading log each Monday. 

 Remember: Reading Builds Better Readers! ~ Reading Love this as a speech ve their clasgs due on Monday!

Social Studies

We will finish up our unit on economics.  Who doesn't enjoy learning about the world of "money" and business!  This week the focus will be on global trade.  This material is from chapter 11 in their TCI book.


I plan to use Monday as a day to review our unit 10 math test from Friday.  This week we will also review and practice number patterns, working with time, and they will learn the traditional method of multiplication. 


During our rocket math portion of class, all the students are working on multiplication.  It is essential for the students to practice the multiplication facts. We make every effort to take timed rocket math tests 3 times per week.  Please watch for these tests to come home and include a few minutes each night to PMF (practice math facts).   So much of their math is dependent on knowing these math facts. 

If your child in in Mrs. Slade's 4th grade math class, please check her website for updates.    

Please refer to the school calendar on the class web page.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your support with school.




Fill out the table below with this week's assignments.

Week of: 5.15.2017


HW: reading log, pmf, spelling contract, math ws


Computer Lab

HW: reading log, pmf, spelling contract, math ws



HW: reading log, pmf, spelling contract, math ws



HW: reading log, pmf,, math ws

Spelling test