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Mrs. Traupman's monthly calendar


 News posted for the week of  September 26-30, 2016

Class News:

What a busy week we have coming up.  All week is College Go week; a week that we think about and honor higher education.  See the daily schedule for each day's dress theme! Monday is our big day to plant the "Wisconsin Fast Growing Seeds" so we can begin to watch and each about the plant growth cycle.  Thank you to the mothers who are coming in to help with this fun project.  Mrs. Lukes will begin her vision screenings with our class on Tuesday morning and plans to finish up on Wednesday morning.  If your child wears glasses, please be sure to have them at school these days.  Thursday, the children are invited to eat lunch in the library with Mrs. Rumsclag for lunch bunch.  Finally, on Friday the school wide MTE Turtle Trot will take place. More information to come home about this via newsletter / backpack.

Be sure to check out the MTE newsletter for additional school information. 

Our lunch is from 11:40 - 12:10 each day if you are planning to join your child for lunch. 


We will be in our third week of Unit 2; Nature's Balance.  The big question that all reading will relate to is "What happens when nature loses its balance?"  This week our literacy will focus on reading a science article about the wolves in Yellowstone National Park.  This article is an excellent chance for the students to learn and practice the skill of cause & effect.  While we are in GR we will also read books about the rain forests while working on the cause & effect skill.    New vocabulary words will be introduce and defined.  Grammar will focus on contractions, simple subjects and generate sentences.  Students received their spelling contract on Friday and this test will be on Thursday, September 29th.  This week's words all have digraphs th and ng.  The teacher choice word this week is ecosystem. 

This will be our final bend of Lucy Calkins Narrative Writing.  The students will practice all that they have learned and will write a new "true" story from start to finish.

 As always, the students should also be reading a minimum of 15 minutes a night, and returning their reading log each Monday. 

 Remember: Reading Builds Better Readers! ~ Reading Logs due on Monday!


Monday, we will plant seeds and as we watch the Wisconsin fast growing plants grow, the students will learn about the cycle of plant growth.  Each day the students will water and observe their plants  watching for a stem and leaves to appear.  Hopefully by Friday, they will be able to do some transplanting to allow for more room for the plant to grow.  This week they will learn about the parts of a plant and each parts function.

Math: We are currently finishing up unit 2 of math.  This week students will learn algorithms for adding and subtracting numbers.  I will also be assessing that they know the value of different digits in a number.  The students will also solve various number stories to learn strategies of what to look for when deciding if addition or subtraction is needed.  Because of the timing of the end of the unit, I have decided to wait until next Tuesday, October 4th for the unit 2 test. This will give us a few extra days to review.  The unit review packet will be sent home on  Thursday is due on Monday 10/3. 

We will make every effort to take timed rocket math tests 3 times per week.  Please watch for these test to come home and include a few minutes each night to PMF (practice math facts).   So much of their math is dependent on knowing these math facts.

If your child in in Mrs. Slade's 4th grade math class, please check her website for updates.    

Please refer to the school calendar on the class web page.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your support with school.




Fill out the table below with this week's assignments.

Week of: 9.26.2016


College Go:  wear your favorite college apparel 

HW:  pmf, reading log, spelling contract, math ws, Explorer magazine & thinking map


Computer Lab

College Go:  dress your future career

Mrs. Lukes begins vision screenings

 HW: pmf, reading log, spelling contract, math ws



College Go:  wear your favorite college cap

Mrs. Lukes finishes vision screenings

 HW:  pmf, reading log, spelling contract, math ws



College Go:  make your dreams come true; wear pjs or slippers

Lunch Bunch in the library

HW: pmf, reading log, math review paket, re-read RfR story Wolves & ws



Turtle Trot day!

College Go:  Dress for CHS homecoming - go greyhounds!

 HW: pmf, reading log, spelling contract, math review paket