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Welcome to Digital Video Production! I am looking forward to watching each and every one of my students be excited about the technology around them.  We work in groups to create videos and learn about camera use as well as interviewing skills for developing stories.  We are having a BLAST so far this year!

Digital Video Productions is a hands-on, minds-on course in which students are expected to actively participate in all aspects of the class.  These activities include pre-production planning, writing and script editing; on-camera appearance; technical work; critical analysis; post-production editing of projects; and presentation of these projects.  Students are expected to create and produce original video projects which examine specific genres, i.e., short documentaries, interviews, sports, school activities, and entertainment.  Students will understand and effectively use standard pre-production techniques such as storyboards, shot lists, script writing, identification of target audiences, presentation of project proposals, and creation of schedules.  Students will learn to use digital video equipment to effectively communicate an idea and tell a story. 


     Collaborative video projects with partners or groups

     Learn, practice, and apply techniques to your projects such as


                  ◈     Composition, camera angles

                  ◈     Lighting


                  ◈     Special effects, transitions

                  ◈     Editing

                  ◈     Green screen

     Analyze and critique video to help
you improve