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Tips and Suggestions for quick and easy activities that stimulate speech and language development:

Expressive and Receptive Language:

  • Play word-classification games: These games might include ones such as "See how many boys' names you can think of in one minute." Other fun categories might include tools, games, drinks, movies, animals, fruits, or sports.
  • Play "Pick the word that does not belong." For example, "Which one is the odd one out: cat, dog, tree, mouse?" Or, play "Which two words go together." For example, "watch, pig, nail, and clock."
  • Look at books with interesting pictures. Let your child tell you the story by describing each picture in details.
  • Cut out pictures of people, places, activities, objects, etc. from an old magazine. Let your child randomly choose 4 or 5 pictures and then make up a silly story with good grammar that includes each of the pictures.
  • Play 20 questions (one player guesses an object the other player is thinking of by asking 20 yes/no questions). This game is great for working on vocabulary, describing, and asking questions.

Speech Articulation:

  • Cut out pictures from old magazines with targeted speech sounds. Make a speech sound collage and practice each word as you glue the pictures down.
  • Take a "speech sound hunt" through your house and see how many items you can find that have your targeted sound.
  • Play the "I'm going on a trip" game with your child. For example, "I'm going on a trip and I can only take things that start with the letter S. I'll take scissors." Next player repeats "scissors" and adds a new S item. See how many items you can remember without writing them down!