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Grade 8 (Week of April 21-25)

Week of: 04/21/2014
Monday  Track & Field/4X100 relay
Tuesday  Track & Field/mile run
Wednesday  Track & Field/continuous 5 person relay
Thursday  Track & Field/continuous 5 person relay
Friday  Track & Field/field events

Grade 8 (April 14 - 18)

Week of: 04/14/2014
Monday  Track & Field
Tuesday  Track & Field
Wednesday  Track & Field
Thursday  Track & Field
Friday  Track & Field/Heart Rate Monitors

Grade 8 ( March 31-April 3)

Week of: 03/31/2014
Monday  Four Square, team indoor sports
Tuesday  Four Square, team indoor sports
Wednesday  Four Square, team indoor sports
Thursday  Four Square, team indoor sports
Friday  No School

Grade 8 (March 24-28)

Week of: 03/17/2014
Monday  Endocrine Gland Quiz/Male reproductive system
Tuesday  Female reproductive system
Wednesday Male/Female reproductive disorders
Thursday  Reproduction Test/Collect text books
Friday  "LIfe's Greatest Miracle"

Grade 8 (March 17-21)

Week of: 03/17/2014

 Health/Review for Basketball test/Begin "Philadelphia"


 Health/Basketball test/Continue "Philadelphia" 





Finish  "Philadelphia"/Reflection questions



The Endocrine System


Students will be entering fitness testing scores into the Fitnessgram program.   Students may use the following link to watch a video on how to input scores.

The Fitnessgram website link is: