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 Announcements from your P.E. / Wellness Teacher

Welcome to PTE Wellness         

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Be ready to move, learn about health and fitness and refine your motor movements!

Don't forget to wear a pair of sports/running shoes and comfortable clothes on your P.E. /Wellness day. 

First Semester, students will look forward to refining loco-motor movements; dynamic stretching movements; static stretching; personal space and shared space; chasing,3 pathways of movement; fleeing and dodging skills; working on our running technique and cardio-endurance; working on stretching our muscles; learning about the fitnessgram components; refining proper form with the PACER, trunk lift, sit-ups, and pushups; Fitnessgram assessing with 4th and 5th grades; Frisbee golf; volley skills;  soccer skills; bowling skills; throwing and catching skills; The Great Pumpkin Fun Run; teaching and reviewing MyPlate -nutrition and doing fun activities with learning about Health and Fitness; and fun games that apply to all of these skills.    Wow, that is a lot to do the first semester!!

Second semester, we will be cupstacking and learning about brain health; DDR (dance,dance, revolution); jump roping skills; Super Bowl Experience football stations; covering some health topics with healthy heart; heart obstacle course; give me five to stay alive slogan covering-nutrition,exercise,proper liquids, enough sleep, and hygiene;   4 components of fitness with fitness activites; finishing up with Fitnessgram assessing with 4th and 5th grades; balance and the climbing wall; dancing and movement expression; and more fun games and activities that apply all these skills.  Also, look forward to field days in May!!

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